Cambria is nonabsorbent, so spills don’t become stains and it won't draw in moisture that can harbor harmful bacteria. Cambria offers peace of mind with hygienic surfaces for your kitchen, bath, and more.

Maintenance Free

Unlike many other surface choices, Cambria doesn’t require sealing or polishing, and cleaning it is as simple as warm water and a soft cloth. Mild soap is optional.


Much harder than any natural stone alternative, Cambria offers optimal scratch and chip resistance, protecting your peace of mind against anything life throws your way.

As they say, seeing is believing. Experience the true beauty of Cambria designs up close for a sense of style and pattern. Order as many samples as you like.

Cambria dealers offer the largest selection of designs, expert information, and the best experience. Find your new kitchen or bath at a dealer near you.

Upgrade from Marble with Low-Maintenance Luxe

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