New Cambria Quartz Designs

Harmony in Motion: Designs That Transcend

September 2023 Design Launch

Reveal a truth in beauty that extends beyond the surface. Transcend the existing reality of design in inspiring fashion with six new, groundbreaking quartz surfaces. Our relentless pursuit of perfection reaches dramatic depths—and soaring new heights—as this thoughtful combination of beauty and natural function embellishes and enhances every immersive detail.


Windsor Brass™

Chocolate brown streams converge along a cool white backdrop, their inviting translucence and momentous movement are punctuated by hints of brilliant brass. The alloy accent lightly traces the peaks and valleys of this flowing umber landscape for visual depth with a glint of glamour.


Windsor Brass Satin Ridge™

Captivating textures reach new heights—and depths—in this design. Chocolate brown hues and warm honey shading play against delicate debossed Inverness™ veins. Radiant brass complements this stony canvas with subtle warmth, smooth movement, and unmatched sheen.


Windsor Steel Satin Ridge™

Captivating textures reach new heights—and depths—in this design. Alive with bold movement and balanced texture, the steel-toned colorways ebb and flow like waves against warm honey sand. Steel alloy traces each crest like gleaming sunlight, while cool charcoal contrasts the warm-white debossed Inverness™ veins.


Inverness Swansea™

An iconic Cambria colorway guides this exploration into a tonal white, marbled design that dares to go bolder. The merging of neutral tones, debossed Inverness™ veins, and smooth textures creates an artfully combined, warm-meets-cool design with undeniable sensory interest.


Inverness Everleigh™

Statement meets subtle in this movement-rich design that features cool gray and warm, sand-honey tonalities, combining the best of bold patterns and soft, tone-on-tone design with delicate debossed Inverness™ veins.


Inverness Bristol Bay™

Stormy-blue waves surge against the cool white backdrop of this striking design, cloaking its translucent gray colorways with soft ripples and pronounced spires of saturated cobalt, paired with delicate debossed Inverness™ veins, adding subtle texture.


A Tradition of Innovation

These newly released Cambria quartz designs are the manifestation of securely held Cambria tradition—becoming what’s next. Through expertise and excellence of craftsmanship, they reveal the future of design with superior clarity and Cambria’s signature confidence.

A Triumph Over Ordinary

These palette additions inspire without sacrifice, embracing the natural solitude of invention in their stylish refusal of design limitation. Valuing simplicity over excess—each design is a visionary inspiration. With groundbreaking movements, lively accents, and balanced undertones that combine to define modern beauty.

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