Quartz Furniture

Innovative, durable, and hygienic, Cambria is used in some of the boldest furniture designs, including quartz dining tables, coffee tables, side tables, office furniture, and more. Unlike other materials, Cambria is maintenance free and requires no special cleaners or solvents. For a high-end design that delivers form and function, choose Cambria. 

Spotlight on Quartz Furniture

See for yourself just how livable and luxurious Cambria quartz furniture can be by exploring different applications, offerings, and more.

The Benefits of Quartz Furniture

Cambria quartz surfaces offer many distinct benefits for furniture applications. They are ideal for use in high-traffic areas and deliver a design statement that’ll elevate and refine any space.

Extremely durable and scratch resistant

Quartz is an extremely durable and nonabsorbent surface that resists scratches and stains.

Nonabsorbent and stain resistant

Naturally nonabsorbent, quartz furniture is exceptional at resisting stains and bacteria—perfect for any home or public setting.

Easy to clean

To keep your quartz furniture looking new forever, simily wash it with warm water, a cotton cloth, and mild soap, if desired.

Range of design options

Available in a wide range of colors, patterns, and finishes, quartz elevates the look of furniture while matching the style of any space.

Find Your Cambria Quartz Design

Explore the most innovative quartz palette in the industry and find the design that speaks to you.

Quartz Fireplaces

Add an elegant, sophisticated touch to the coziest spot in the room with a Cambria quartz fireplace surround.

Carrick quartz fire place surround in living room.

Furniture Inspiration Gallery

Refine your style and space with custom creations made possible with imagination and quartz ingenuity.

Skara Brae quartz countertop in business lobby