Top 5 Quartz Countertop Designs For Soapstone Alternatives

a dramatic kitchen featuring a double waterfall kitchen island topped with Cambria Quartz Charelstown countertop with matching Charelstown backsplash, sleek blue cabinets, and gold accents.

Seeking soapstone for your space but worried about the drawbacks? Cambria’s American craftsmanship and industry-leading innovation bring you quartz that looks like soapstone so you don’t have to sacrifice performance.

Soapstone-alternative, black-inspired Cambria quartz surface and countertop designs, like Charlestown, Woodcroft, and Blackbrook, elevate the look of soapstone, and the Cambria Matte® low-sheen finish perfectly completes the aesthetic.

a Cambria Quartz Woodcroft design detail slab.

WOODCROFT™ design detail.

a Cambria Quartz Blackpool Matte design detail slab.

BLACKPOOL MATTE™ design detail.

a Cambria Quartz Blackbrook design detail slab.

BLACKBROOK™ design detail.

a Cambria Quartz Charlestown design detail slab.

CHARLESTOWN™ design detail.

a Cambria Quartz Sharpham design detail slab.

Sharpham™ design detail.

Dark and moody is coming on strong in design environments and with a non-sheen,” said Summer Kath, Executive Vice President of Design at Cambria. “More and more we are seeing so many options in matte black and charcoal in plumbing fixtures, appliances, and cabinets, and Cambria has several black and dark Quartz styles to choose from.”

Benefits of quartz countertops vs. soapstone

Soapstone countertops need consistent upkeep. Whether you choose high gloss or the low-sheen Cambria Matte finish, Cambria does not require sealing or polishing, and cleaning it is as simple as warm water, a soft cotton cloth, and mild soap, if desired. That is why Cambria makes for the perfect soapstone alternative for your space.

Soapstone’s soft surface makes the stone susceptible to damage from dropped glasses or cookware and can actually even damage your china and glassware if the finish has not been adequately smoothed.

You’ll also notice when selecting soapstone that you will be given limited color choices and that the stone darkens as it ages, so it must be treated regularly with mineral oil to ensure that it darkens evenly.

Don’t forget that soapstone is a porous material, whereas Cambria quartz surfaces are nonabsorbent and will not draw in moisture that can harbor harmful bacteria or leave stains. And, unlike soapstone, Cambria offers scratch- and chip-resistance, providing peace of mind for anything life throws your way. Cambria is always professionally installed, backed by a warranty, and maintenance free.

All that’s to say, Cambria is an intelligent soapstone alternative with beautiful quartz designs to suit any aesthetic and performance that no other stone can match. Here are a few of our favorite designs.

Woodcroft: Soapstone alternative with metaLlic streaks

Woodcroft is a bold soapstone-alternative black quartz design with sparkling golden lightning strikes and paler metallic streaks that drizzle like rain against a window pane.

“This design is really playing into what is coming,” says Summer Kath. “If you get close into these really beautiful, organic veins you’re going to see a surprising delight. I love the shimmery gold, I’ve never seen it before and I’m really proud that we were able to achieve such a masterpiece.”

a detailed view of Cambria Quartz Woodcroft countertop with a burning candle and towel on top.

Cambria’s Woodcroft design provides a bold and organic surface, fit for any space.

a breakfast nook hidden behind a grand archway with a luxurious hanging chandelier and wall made from Cambria Quartz Woodcroft.

For a statement-making design choice, introduce the luxe of Cambria quartz surfaces to interiors beyond countertops.

Blackpool Matte: the darkest soapstone alternative

The powerful Cambria Blackpool Matte quartz design is the darkest ebony with a stealthy silken Cambria Matte finish that absorbs light.

Our 2020 trend forecast highlights mixing metals, and we love how designer Christopher Peacock added a brass metal band around the edge of Blackpool Matte countertops in the 2019 Kips Bay Decorator Show House kitchen to bring the space together.

“I like to push the envelope a little bit,” he said. “The metal detail on the island matches the shelving and hood canopy detailing.”

In another standout kitchen by Gretchen Black and Artisan Signature Homes, Blackpool Matte quartz countertops make for a stunning soapstone alternative as a waterfall edge island.

A black and wood kitchen with Cambria Blackpool Matte countertops featured in the Kips Bay Decorator Show House.

A stunning Cambria Blackpool Matte island makes a statement in the Kips Bay Decorator Show House kitchen.

a standout waterfall quartz kitchen island made from Cambria Blackpool Matte is in the center of a white kitchen with plenty of cabinets and natural lighting, a black fridge, and three leather bar stools.

A standout waterfall quartz kitchen island in Blackpool Matte.

a modern and clean black kitchen zoomed in to see a sink with a stainless steel faucet, wooden cutting board, miscellaneous kitchen decorations, a large window, and a quartz countertop made from Cambria Blackpool Matte.

Cambria Blackpool Matte™ in a modern kitchen design.

Blackbrook: Soapstone alternative with white veining

Imagine a dark black sky during a powerful lightning storm, this is Blackbrook. The highly saturated black quartz background contrasts beautifully with white veins throughout. White lightning-strikes dramatize a smooth black background in Blackbrook. Stark and chic, this high-contrast design is powerfully modern and elegantly simple, making it a great soapstone alternative.

a white couch and plant in white planter are behind two partially opened wood doors and in front of a black wall made from Camrbia Blackbrook quartz.

Cambria Blackbrook makes a stunning statement wall.

a modern fitness studio locker room with black numbered lockers, Cambria Blackbrook quartz wall accents, a shelf with towels, two couches back-to-back.

Blackbrook shines in a modern fitness studio locker room.

Charlestown: the refined soapstone alternative

Looking for a bold and dramatic statement? The dark and dramatic charcoal gray quartz surface of Charlestown should do the trick. Its subtle white veining atop a black backdrop lends the design to any aesthetic, whether paired with lighter hues or mixed with other dark tones. “Charlestown represents a new refined look of iconic soapstone,” said Kath. “Charlestown in matte finish with its very subtle light gray veins is organic, yet easy on the maintenance.”


A bold kitchen featuring Charlestown.

Sharpham: dark gray soapstone alternative

Icy, crisp, and cool like the dry white wine England’s Sharpham Vineyard is known for. The Sharpham design’s white veining against a dark gray quartz backdrop adds drama and class yet remains comfortably neutral.

Kath swooned over this men’s closet island featuring stylish Sharpham, calling the closet a perfect opportunity to showcase your style and take more risks than you might in another space. A Cambria quartz countertop is ideal for laying out style choices, using retail inspiration to showcase accessories, and keeping essentials at hand.

In this sophisticated black and white bathroom design, a simple color palette allows for a creative installation with geometric flair. Hexagonal floor tiles and a custom Sharpham and Newport™ quartz shower surround bring character.

a men's closet with an island featuring Cambria Sharpham quartz countertops, a large chandelier over the island, blue carpet and patterned wallpaper, and open shelving to hang clothes.

A men’s closet island featuring Cambria Sharpham.

a bold black and white bathroom with hexagonal floor tiles, a custom Sharpham and Newport Cambria quartz shower surround, with a bench and waterfall shower head.

Sharpham pairs with NEWPORT™ for a custom shower surround.

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