Cozy Up With Quartz: Cambria Fireplace Design Ideas

Cambria design shown: Brittanicca

Can Quartz Be Used for a Fireplace Surround? Yes!

Ready to turn up the heat in your space? The same surface you love for your kitchen countertops can be used for a BREATHTAKING FIREPLACE DESIGN. A Cambria quartz fireplace surround elevates a living room, den, or bedroom, whether you’re building new or updating an existing fireplace that doesn’t suit your style. With a striking selection of QUARTZ DESIGNS and UNMATCHED DURABILITY, Cambria ensures your fireplace will be a swoon-worthy centerpiece to enjoy for years to come. We’ve rounded up some of our favorite quartz fireplace surround ideas to help you find the perfect match for your next project.

Fierce Fireplace Surround Ideas

1. A Granite-Alternative Fireplace Surround

BERWYN™, one of our FAVORITE GRANITE ALTERNATIVES, adds elegant texture and tones for subtle contrast in this light living space. “We found that Cambria had the nicest color options to work with our beachy blue-gray theme,” says Andi Wheelband of Two Birds Design. “We kept most material white with only soft blues and very little gray as accents and Berwyn fit the bill perfectly.”

Berwyn fireplace surround. Space by TWO BIRDS DESIGN. Photo by WILL DOYLE.

Cambria BERWYN design detail.

We love this fireplace design idea to complement a KITCHEN WITH BERWYN COUNTERTOPS or simply stand out on its own.

2. A Bold Brittanicca Gold Warm Fireplace Surround

A BRITTANICCA GOLD Warm™ fireplace surround is a stunning pairing to blonde woods and matte black in this moody and mod home office. Get more IDEAS FOR YOUR HOME WORKSPACE and see more INSTALLS WITH BRITTANICCA GOLD Warm.

Brittanicca Gold Warm fireplace surround. Space by ARTISAN SIGNATURE HOMES, GRETCHEN BLACK, and LUXE SURFACES.

Cambria BRITTANICCA GOLD Warm design detail.

3. A Matte Black Modern Fireplace Surround

This lake home is cool and contemporary with a CAMBRIA BLACK MATTE™ fireplace surround offering chic contrast in the light-filled living area. “I use Cambria for 90% of my countertop and hard surface needs. The variety of style and colors makes it unique to each design I do for my clients,” says Megan Gaerte, interior designer/principal at West Central Home LLC. “For this home I wanted to do a clean and modern lake home design. I chose the Cambria Black Matte to pull in a casual texture needed for the space to add comfort without overwhelming the shiplap.”

Find more ideas for incorporating MATTE BLACK into your space.

4. A Sleek Concrete-Looking Fireplace Surround

Sleek gray CARRICK™ adds contemporary contrast to this traditional master suite. Love this aesthetic? Explore more of CAMBRIA’S GRAY QUARTZ DESIGNS for other possibilities.

Carrick fireplace. Space by THE WOODLAND HOUSE.

Cambria CARRICK design detail.

5. A Contemporary Fireplace Surround with Brittanicca Gold Warm

The organic gold tones and flowing waves of Brittanicca Gold Warm pair with vibrant abstract art for a contemporary fireplace design.

BRITTANICCA GOLD Warm commercial fireplace.

6. A Vertical-Veining Fireplace Surround

The vertical movement of Brittanicca in this full-height fireplace surround complements the rounded details of this canopy armchair. We love this look for a contemporary living room as well as a commercial lobby or lounge.

Full-height Brittanicca fireplace surround paired with balloon chair. Photo by S&W KITCHENS.

Benefits of Installing a Quartz Fireplace Surround

Beauty All Around

As one of the hardest minerals around, quartz is a popular and reliable choice offering strong, sturdy slabs. Cambria offers the most expansive design palette with beautiful and unique designs with high concentrations of pure quartz to ensure both beauty and brawn. The best part is that it’s extremely easy to clean with just warm water, a soft cotton cloth, and a mild soap, if desired—no fancy cleaning solutions or high-maintenance remedies required to keep your quartz looking as gorgeous from the first installation to hundreds of uses down the line.


Who said elegance and toughness can’t exist together? Cambria quartz surfaces are as durable as they are gorgeous—and vice versa. Our quartz is stronger and more durable than granite, marble, concrete, or any soapstone options, which makes it an ideal scratch- and chip-resistant surface for your fireplace surround.

Cambria’s Transferable Full Lifetime Warranty

At Cambria, we offer a lifetime of superior performance. This means that you can get the best out of your space and rest peacefully knowing Cambria’s got you covered, protecting you from any manufacturing defects. We pride ourselves on the quality of our products to make sure you’re getting the finest-cut material you can get your hands on.

Design Your Next Fireplace Surround Featuring Cambria Quartz Surfaces

We hope these fireplace surround ideas have you fired up for your next project! As each fireplace is different, you’ll want to confirm with your fabricator and refer to the fireplace manual to ensure Cambria can be used successfully in your project. Cambria’s transferable FULL LIFETIME WARRANTY covers manufacturing defects, not installations, so we recommend working with your fabricator to make sure the proper installation guidelines are used. Contact a CAMBRIA DEALER NEAR YOU to get started.