What You Need to Know About the Warm White Interior Design Trend

How the latest color trend helps designers and homeowners create more aesthetically pleasing spaces.

Written by:Angela Johnson
A gorgeous kitchen with dark mahogany cabinets, Cambria Hermitage™ quartz countertops, a gold hood over the range, gold pendant lighting, and a double waterfall kitchen island made from quartz.

Cambria’s elegant warm Hermitage™ quartz design showcases delicate gold veins swirling in tight and open patterns that create light and dark pools of color.
A look that exudes quiet luxury.

After years of scrolling squares of all-white kitchens on social media, homeowners and interior designers have decided to pursue a bit more variety in their renovation projects. And although the classic look of white will never go out of style, the recent trend is toward “turning down the heat” on white’s intensity in favor of designing with warmer whites. Warm white refers to a softer hue with more creamy, buttery, or beige undertones. Think cozy and candlelit versus radiant and bright. Cambria has several quartz surface options that allow dreamers and designers to create a warm white experience in a variety of spaces. Read on for tips on how to incorporate warm white into your next project.

a close up view of Cambria's Haydon™ quartz countertops.

Cambria design shown: Haydon™

How to Incorporate Warm White into Your Home

You can incorporate warm white into your interior design in various ways and in various spaces to create a welcoming and aesthetically pleasing atmosphere. Consider the following strategies for embracing warm white:

Warm white LED or incandescent bulbs for pendant lights, chandeliers, sconces, and lamps create a soft and inviting glow throughout a room. Be sure to layer your light sources and add dimmers where possible to better control the warmth of your illumination.

Try a warm white paint on walls, ceilings, and trim—although kitchen cabinetry is trending toward colors like blue and green or natural wood stains. Warm white countertops pair well with painted cabinets and look especially good when paired with stained wood cabinetry as they accentuate the natural grain of the wood. It’s this combination of lighting, paint color, materials, and textures that contributes to a cohesive and inviting interior design.

A welcoming kitchen with slate blue cabinets, warm white quartz countertops, a bold bronze farmhouse sink, and a large window.

A warm white color palette works well in a variety of spaces. Cambria design shown: Ridgegate™

Back to Basics with Warm Whites

Use of white in any color palette is a foundational design choice that allows you to layer in additional colors and incorporate materials that provide tonality or texture. But although white seems “basic” in this sense, there are actually a wide variety of whites to choose from—increasingly popular warm white tones included. So take your time selecting the warm white tonality that works best in your space noting that warm white material selections can provide their own unique elements.

For example, Cambria’s Ridgegate and Haydon quartz countertop designs each have a creamy, warm, marble-like background. From there, added contrast is achieved with intricate gray and rust-colored veining in Ridgegate, while Haydon is highlighted with swirls and dashes of gold and hazelnut. This understated visual interest allows for a statement-making countertop selection that doesn’t fight with other potentially bolder design decisions you want to make in your space.

Another warm white quartz countertop option could be the Cambria Abbey™ design. The cool gray and warm gold veining against a creamy canvas speak directly to the current trend of blending warm and cool tones in design. Plus, all of these unique quartz designs are versatile enough to complement traditional or contemporary interiors with a touch of elegance and timelessness.

A warm white kitchen with a double waterfall kitchen island made from white quartz, light oak cabinets, herringbone wooden floor, and lots of natural light.

Cambria design shown: Inverness Swansea™

What Designers Are Saying About Warm White Quartz Countertops

Inverness Swansea is a newer Cambria quartz design that also combines cool and warm white tones. Award-winning luxury interior designer Lucinda Loya of Lucinda Loya Interiors says, “[Inverness Swansea] goes with any aesthetic and can complete any décor no matter where you put it…I would use it in my own home because I’ve got a lot of white and off-white. This [design] really spoke to me.”

Kitchen featuring gold cabinets, a black counter, and an island featuring Cambria Windsor Brass Satin Ridge quartz siding and countertops.

Cambria design shown: Windsor Brass Satin Ridge™

Windsor Brass Satin Ridge is another recent quartz design innovation from Cambria. In this design, chocolate brown hues and warm honey shading play against delicate debossed veins—the tactile nature aligns with another hot trend in design: texture. But, the showstopper in this design is the radiant brass. Interior designer Traci Connell of Traci Connell Interiors says, “I love this. The hint of burnt brass going through it is like jewelry…I can see this in so many areas like on a shower wall with brass fittings and plumbing. It could 100 percent go all over the kitchen, islands, counters, up the backsplash. You get the light and airy, but you have that thread that leads back to darker tones coming through that is so classy and timeless with a little extra sparkle. I really love it.”

November 6th , 2019 Edgewater, NJ For NJ Monthly, stylist Lauren Payne, Designer Vanessa Deleon, Restauranteur Bobby Bournais

Cambria design shown: Brittanicca Gold Warm™

A favorite warm white quartz design for interior designer Vanessa DeLeon of Vanessa DeLeon Associates is Cambria’s Brittanicca Gold Warm. She says, “This one is personal because this design is on the countertops and backsplash in my own kitchen design,” says DeLeon. “I love the way the translucent greige river flows and the copper valleys curve on the [warm] white canvas. I recommend it for any kitchen, bathroom, or as a sleek backdrop to a fireplace.”

Other Key Aspects of the Warm White Interior Trend

Embracing warm white is a way to enhance your home’s ambience and create a cozier experience. It’s still a neutral choice, but in a way that is more complex, allowing for color combinations that are richer and more sophisticated. Warm whites are especially compatible with earth tones, gold or brass accents, and many of the natural wood stains that are entering the interior design scene. 

Ultimately, the trend toward warm white in interior design reflects a desire for spaces that feel inviting, comfortable, and visually appealing. It’s a welcome exploration into an aesthetic that adds a timeless and classic element to design schemes, and contributes to a cozy and welcoming atmosphere that evokes a sense of comfort and relaxation. 

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