Designer Spotlight: Vanessa DeLeon & Her Favorite Cambria Designs

At Cambria, there’s nothing we love more than working with talented interior design professionals. One such expert is Vanessa DeLeon of Vanessa DeLeon Associates, an award-winning interior design firm that specializes in residential, commercial, and hospitality interior design.

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November 6th , 2019 Edgewater, NJ For NJ Monthly, stylist Lauren Payne, Designer Vanessa Deleon, Restauranteur Bobby Bournais

Cambria design shown: Brittanicca Gold Warm™

At Cambria, there’s nothing we love more than working with talented interior design professionals. One such expert is Vanessa DeLeon of Vanessa DeLeon Associates, an award-winning interior design firm that specializes in residential, commercial, and hospitality interior design.

A longtime Cambria collaborator, DeLeon’s inspiration is rooted in her cultural composition, and her work combines modern, stylized designs with classic décor. She often turns to Cambria for support in her projects, relying on Cambria’s unrivaled palette of industry-leading designs, of all of which can be mixed and matched for a one-of-a-kind aesthetic.

“Cambria’s beautiful line of products is reason enough to not just like but to love working with Cambria,” says DeLeon. “They have a truly unique and extensive line of quartz to offer the industry.”

An open kitchen and dining room featuring a dining table and kitchen island with Cambria Brittanicca Gold Warm quartz.

Warm earth tones against the temperate white background of Brittanicca Gold Warm complete the unique look.

Looking for fresh inspiration? We tasked DeLeon with applying her expert eye to singling out what she considers to be her five favorite Cambria designs.

“It doesn’t get any better than American-made and family-owned Cambria,” says DeLeon. “I grew up in a family business, too, so it’s a pleasure to work with the brand.”

Here, her top picks—and how she’d use them in a space.

Brittanicca Gold Warm

Flowing, multihued streams of copper gold, fog, and translucent greige course through the Brittanicca Gold Warm design accompanied by wisps and ribbons of warm earth tones against a temperate white background.

“This one is personal because this design is on the countertops and backsplash in my own kitchen design,” says DeLeon. “I love the way the translucent greige river flows and the copper valleys curve on the white canvas. I recommend it for any kitchen, bathroom, or as a sleek backdrop to a fireplace.”

See more beautiful Brittanicca Gold Warm spaces, and check out DeLeon’s kitchen project.

A kitchen with a backdrop featuring Cambria Brittanicca Gold Warm quartz.

We love how the matte black fixtures pop against a backdrop of Brittanicca Gold Warm in DeLeon’s kitchen.

A matte black Brizo faucet and pot filler in front of a backsplash featuring Cambria Brittanicca Gold Warm quartz.

The matte black Brizo faucet and pot filler add a modern aesthetic against the massive island and backsplash in Cambria Brittanicca Gold Warm.

Inverness Cobalt™

A new design for Cambria, Inverness Cobalt features deep denim blue veins fractured against a cool white canvas with vibrant intensity. Debossing throughout the veining contrasts with the smoothness of the background, giving the design a gently textured composition and beautifully organic quality.

“It's like a breath of fresh air, as the cool icy canvas meets a stream of bold navy,” says DeLeon. “I like to use this in a kitchen accessorized with navy blue or stainless-steel appliances. Also, this design is a wonderful backdrop for a fireplace or in the bathroom as an accent wall and floor for a sunken tub.”

A beautiful tan and cream eat-in kitchen with Cambria Inverness Cobalt quartz countertops and backsplash

The denim-like blue tone in Inverness Cobalt goes with everything, like warm wood tones and natural light.


In the elegantly modern Clare design, bright white cool veins contrast with a versatile gray background, creating a deftly saturated design.

“The gray backdrop has a subtle industrial flair, and the cool white streaks complement the gray background,” says DeLeon. “Clare is elegant and classic. I love this for a kitchen island and backsplash, but the color is so earthy that you could use Clare in just about any room of the house.”

Bathroom vanity featuring a Cambria Clare quartz countertop and backsplash.

Bathroom design by Ronen Lev featuring Clare.


Offering timeless allure, Colton is warm and creamy with rusty brownish-gray inscriptions and small white patches.

“Colton is a warmer white background with veins of charcoal with a smooth rustic undertone. This design fits well in any room of the house because of its earthy look.”

Find more Colton inspiration.

A shower in a bathroom with siding featuring Cambria Colton quartz.

Cambria Colton elements subtly blend in this bathroom design.


White lightning-strikes dramatize a smooth black background in Blackbrook. Stark and chic, this high-contrast design is powerfully modern and elegantly simple.

“Blackbrook is an intense black with a contrast of white lines that run through it like a bolt of lighting through a dark sky,” says DeLeon. “I love this design for a black and white kitchen. The countertops paired with white cabinets and a black or white sink. Consider the perfect contrast by using a white sink to create a yin-yang effect. I also love using the Blackbrook for a bar countertop in the entertainment area of the home.”

Bathroom vanity featuring a Cambria Blackbrook quartz countertop.

Cambria Blackbrook makes a stunning statement vanity top.

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