Crafting Warmth: What’s Hot in Fireplace Design Trends

Visualize custom fireplace designs that complement any room style.

Written by:Angela Johnson
a lounge area with a fireplace made from white veined quartz with a sectional couch, two armchairs, and a large window.

Cambria design shown: Brittanicca™

These innovative design trends will help you to visualize the fireplace design of your dreams. You already know that a fireplace is a comforting source of heat—a place everyone loves to cozy up next to. But it’s also a statement of style. It sets the mood in a room, complements your aesthetic, and can even be an artistic expression. Read about what makes these quartz fireplaces so special as you begin to envision what your custom quartz fireplace could look like.

Look Up

Contemporary room designs soar to new heights with vertical fireplace cladding that reaches the ceiling. The visual impact of drawing the eye upward is grandeur. Even for homes with average ceiling heights, extending the fireplace all the way up can provide the illusion of a more expansive space. Choosing a quartz design with bold veining and installing it with the pattern displayed vertically is another visual sleight of hand that makes a room feel grander. Not to mention the captivating beauty, not unlike unique artwork, that a quartz fireplace installation adds to a space—making any mantel accessorizing unnecessary.

A stunning living room with a white and gray veined fireplace, built in bookshelves, white seating, and a large window.

Cambria design shown: Skara Brae™

Set in Stone

A fireplace provides a visual and functional connection to nature which is why stone is such a popular fireplace construction material. Over time, innovations in Cambria quartz surfaces have broadened fireplace design possibilities into more contemporary realms. Cambria’s design palette offers a range of possibilities suitable for traditional to ultra-modern interiors. Plus, Cambria quartz surfaces are extremely durable, easy to clean, and completely customizable.


Combine a smooth vertical quartz surface with stacked stone to create a transitional look. Cambria design shown: Ainsley™

Cut It Out

Let your fireplace design be unexpected with an offset flame. A customizable quartz fireplace allows you to play with shapes and create more interesting visual elements. The alloy veining in Cambria’s Berkshire Brass Satin Ridge™ provides another delightful design surprise with just a touch of reflective shimmer in a tactile surface that is every bit as beguiling as the brushstrokes of a painting or the texture of a tapestry. Paired with a leather sofa, a textured sisal area rug layered with a faux hide, and touches of natural wood complete a look that is simultaneously organic and modern.

Living room with a fireplace and table featuring Cambria Berkshire Brass Satin Ridge quartz siding and countertops.

Cambria design shown: Berkshire Brass Satin Ridge

Great Rooms

Open floor plans remain popular, but with a caveat … distinct delineation of spaces. You can multiply the functionality of a vertical fireplace design by having it also serve to divide an open space. And proportionality is key if you choose to mount a TV over your fireplace to avoid competing focal points. Use a layering technique with proportionally varied feature sizes to provide the eye’s desired symmetry.

a luxurious, modern living room with a floor-to-ceiling white quartz fireplace.

Cambria design shown: Brittanicca

By Contrast

Today’s quiet luxury aesthetic leans heavily into shades of warm white and earthy browns that anchor a space with sophistication. Soft taupe painted walls paired with wood flooring and leather furnishings evoke a sense of refinement. Add subtle architectural interest with tone-on-tone millwork for a vintage-inspired look. Or consider wood wall paneling, which is making a comeback but in a more luxe form, for a more modern twist on the trend. For contrast, a bold and black quartz design like Woodcrofton the fireplace commands attention with rich ebony tones punctuated by micro-shimmering gold veins—a dominant feature with just enough earthy opulence to transform a space into an inviting sanctuary.

a stunning living room with white wall panels, a floor-to-ceiling black quartz fireplace, and neutral decorations.

Muted neutrals paired with a statement-making quartz fireplace evokes a sense of harmony and balance. Cambria design shown: Woodcroft

The Dark Side

A dark stone fireplace also adds a bit of drama and mystery to a space. And it can feel like inviting the outdoors in when you juxtapose modern interior design elements with the organic veins that appear to emerge from the darkness of the chocolate brown, almost charcoal background of Delamere™. Add flanks of built-in bookcases or display shelving that never go out of style and you can transform a room anytime by simply swapping out what you display there. 

a modern living room with a white sectional sofa, black quartz fireplace, built in bookshelf, and a full-wall window.

Cambria design shown: Delamere

Take Shape

Design is in the details when creating minimalist spaces. And innovations in quartz surface fabrication allow for such detailing in customized fireplace surrounds. Whether it’s incorporating soft curves or uniquely beautiful fluting in a movement-rich design like Everleigh™, which can also be bookmatched, and you get an installation that truly sets your space apart

a modern fireplace made from white veined quartz.

Cambria design shown: Everleigh

Down to Earth

Blurring the lines between indoor and outdoor living continues to be a popular interior design goal. A Cambria quartz fireplace adds natural beauty to any space with the added benefits of being scratch resistant and low maintenance. Plus, if your geographic location or design budget doesn’t allow for fully open patio doors and windows, then simply bring the outdoors in with naturally beautiful elements of the earth, like quartz.

Cambria design shown: Brittanicca

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