Custom Quartz Applications

Discover the unparalleled beauty and versatility of Cambria quartz surfaces. From the mesmerizing symmetry of bookmatching to the ethereal glow of backlighting, Cambria offers a canvas for creativity that knows no bounds.

To learn more about Cambria designs and applications, contact 1-866-CAMBRIA (1-866-226-2742).

Spotlight on Custom Applications 

To create exceptional spaces that stand out, start with a little inspiration.

Quartz Backlighting

Featuring light panels underneath, backlighting turns quartz countertops into mildly translucent surfaces that radiate with an enchanting glow.

To ensure a mesmerizing and unique ambiance like no other, our quartz backlighting is only available in limited thicknesses and designs. Its alluring beauty also shines best in areas with low- to mid-level lighting.

Radiate with Backlighting 

Add instant ambiance to any room. Backlighting is available in the select Cambria designs below.

Quartz Bookmatching

Unlock the artistry of bookmatching with Cambria. This mirroring effect transforms ordinary walls, showers, fireplace surrounds, backsplashes, and more into dramatic showcases of quartz elegance.

Choose from our curated selection of designs, available in both Cambria Matte® and polished finishes to bring your unique vision to life.

Play with Patterns

By orienting your quartz layout in different ways, you can create distinctive effects that demand attention.

Demonstration of various bookmatching layouts using Bentley quartz

Quartz Wall Cladding

Turn your walls into the gallery. Quartz wall cladding adds an unmatched level of luxury, durability, and timeless elegance.

Custom Applications Inspiration

Refine your style and space with custom creations made possible with imagination and quartz ingenuity.

A large living room with an Ivybridge custom quartz application