Beyond the Countertop

Advancements in precision cutting, shaping, and polishing of quartz surfaces along with increased availability in varying slab thicknesses offer more opportunities to showcase quartz designs in your space. You’ll notice many more kitchen projects showing off two of the biggest quartz design trends today: the waterfall countertop edge effect and the full-height backsplash. Read more for insights into these two quartz-installation trends plus other applications that are gaining popularity.

Surface Appeal

The variety of available quartz designs offers freedom to play with patterns and color palettes like never before. And once you discover quartz designs you love, why stop at covering only your countertop in quartz? You can create a cohesive or complementary look in your spaces either by extending a particular quartz design across more surfaces or pairing it with another quartz design you love. In addition, the durability and maintenance-free aspects of quartz make it a surface that makes sense in so many applications.

Waterfall Countertops

This effect is achieved by mitering quartz slabs to create a cascading natural stone look across the countertop, over, and down the side. This effect is popular in kitchen design. And with Cambria’s great range of dramatic patterns, a waterfall countertop island becomes a focal point. Plus, easy-to-clean quartz means fewer worries over spills in high-traffic areas. A waterfall countertop also looks wonderful at the end of a perimeter counter space—a great way to add a high-end finishing touch.

Full-Height Backsplash

This creates a contemporary look that’s also very easy to clean. Just think, no grout, no need for sealing, and no staining on a surface that receives some of the most spatter from food prep and cooking. Some designers choose very simple patterns for a full-height backsplash, while others select quartz designs with a lot of movement to create drama or a specific focal point in the space.

You can extend the same or similar quartz design from the countertop to the backsplash. Or, create contrast by pairing a complementary quartz design on your backsplash that allows your countertop and backsplash to each have a moment.

Accent and Shower Walls

Vertical quartz applications are also a popular choice for surfaces outside the kitchen. A full-slab or large-format application in a shower or on an accent wall is a great way to make a visual impact in your space. Beyond the beauty of quartz, its nonabsorbent quality means no moisture or bacteria can penetrate its surface. Attention to hygienic conditions has never been more important, and with Cambria, you can be assured of an environment suited for wellness that also looks as lovely as any spa experience.

Quartz Fireplace Surrounds

This application creates a striking centerpiece in any room. Advanced fabrication and installation techniques allow you to take the quartz cladding all the way up to the ceiling for a bold look.


This technology produces a mirroring effect that fuses both art and design for an impactful visual statement. In a vertical quartz application, it’s worthwhile to explore bookmatched quartz slabs because it can create a showstopper—so graphic. There is an art to placing the material to maximize the impact and minimize material waste using bookmatching, so be sure to seek out expertise in planning and installation.

Large-Scale Patterns

While there will always be a place for subtle marble-look quartz designs, dramatic, large-scale patterns on feature walls add individuality to your space. Boldly patterned quartz designs provide aesthetic appeal but are also timeless since they are a stone surface with a connection to nature and the outdoors.

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