Perfect Pairs: Matching Cambria Showers and Vanities

Check out some great examples of bathrooms with matching vanity and quartz shower panels so you too can create a jaw-dropping bathroom that you’ll love.

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Cambria Colton quartz bathroom vanity countertop

Choosing Cambria for your bathroom means your space will be durable, easy to clean, and hygienic. Because the quartz is a full-slab, nonabsorbent material, rest assured absolutely no moisture or bacteria will ever seep through.

And there’s no grout to clean, making quartz perfect for bathrooms. In fact, Cambria can actually be installed on bathroom vanities, flooring, countertops, shower walls, shower curbs, shower casings and jambs, as well as in overhead applications.

Using Cambria throughout a bathroom space, rather than in just one moment, packs a major design punch. Here, we highlight five standout bathrooms with matching showers and vanities that are sure to inspire your next bathroom design.

Continual Colton™

Entrepreneur Jaclyn Johnson worked with British interior designer Ginny Macdonald on the renovation of her Los Angeles–area home, which Architectural Digest describes as “inspired by the spirit and aesthetic of Napa, Palm Springs, and Tulum” with a “predominance of black, pink, beige, and white.”

A bathroom vanity featuring a Cambria Colton quartz countertop.

Cambria Colton countertops help ground this eclectic bathroom design.

In the primary bathroom, Johnson and Macdonald paired Cambria Colton countertops with a Colton shower surround to ground the design scheme, which also features glass, tiles, concrete, terrazzo, leather, cane, wood, and an abundance of greenery. The effect is at once both subdued and eclectic.

A white pop of Cambria COLTON™ quartz behind a Japanese soaking tub.

Cambria Colton is replicated again in the shower surround.

“Our house has a lot of ‘moments,’ a lot of distinct rooms with their own personalities, which I think reflects my style,” says Johnson to Architectural Digest. “It brings a smile to my face!”

Brittanicca™ Bath

In this master bathroom, Cambria Brittanicca cladding on the walls and tub deck and in the shower draws the eye throughout the spacious room. And the full-height Brittanicca helps create a true spa-like oasis in the space.

A bathroom with full-height Cambria Brittanicca quartz siding, countertops, and a platform underneath the bathtub.
A full-height Cambria Brittanicca quartz wall siding provides a wall inside of a shower.

There are myriad moments of Cambria Brittanicca used throughout this bathroom space.

Full-height Cambria lends drama to this monochromatic bathroom.

Amazing Annicca™

The pièce de résistance of this home renovation is in the master bath, where 300 square feet of Cambria’s Annicca design is prominently featured in the standout walk-in steam shower, the size of which was increased to accommodate a bench.

Interior view of shower with Cambria Annicca quartz shower walls

There are 300 square feet of Cambria Annicca featured in this shower.

“Annicca has gorgeous bold veining, so we knew it’d be a showstopper with the size of the shower,” said interior decorator Abby Tallman, founder of Happy Interiors Group, who also used Annicca for the double sink and makeup vanities in the room.

“Annicca has gold flecks that tie in perfectly with the brushed bronze fixture choices, plus it has a lot of white to complement the white cabinetry and flooring. We wanted something American-made that would hold up well, be durable and that we wouldn’t have to be careful about or continually care for, like with marble or granite.”

A bathroom vanity countertop featuring Cambria Annicca quartz.

Designer Abby Tallman added even more Annicca in this bathroom on the vanity countertops.

Design Flow

In this modern bathroom, the light gray and cream tones of the Cambria Bridport™ shower surround and countertop are complemented when paired with other shades of gray.

A bathroom backdrop featuring Cambria Bridport quartz.

Whether in the dark herringbone tilework or in textiles, contrasting black hardware, light or dark stained wood, and neutral shades of paint allow the design to pop.

Coordinating Colton

A Colton countertop, backsplash, and shower surround keep this blush pink bathroom from skewing overly feminine.

A shower in a bathroom with siding featuring Cambria Colton quartz.

Cambria Colton elements subtly blend with masculine elements, like a modern vanity and graphic rug, in this bathroom design.

[Updated on 12/05/2023]

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