Top Cambria Designs for Concrete Alternatives

Through many shades of gray, we highlight our stunning concrete alternatives for your kitchen, bathroom, or next design project.

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A bathroom backdrop featuring Cambria Bridport quartz.

Cambria design shown: Bridport™

With a neutral color palette, concrete countertops add an industrial and modern feel to any space. Loving the look of concrete for your next project? Consider Cambria’s beautiful quartz designs as an alternative that effortlessly blends both form and function.

The neutral gray-inspired Cambria quartz designs, like Bridport, Carrick™, and Bradwell™ mimic the look of concrete and the Cambria Matte® low-sheen finish perfectly completes the aesthetic.

Cambria vs. Concrete

“We are continuing to see demand for concrete looks and alternatives that provide high performance,” said Summer Kath, EVP of Design at Cambria. “The industrial design look is changing, refining, elevating, but it’s not going away. It’s becoming more eclectic, living in the same room with other themes and styles.”

Cambria’s American craftsmanship and industry-leading innovation let you achieve the concrete look for your kitchen countertops and other surfaces without sacrificing the performance Cambria is known for.

Cambria does not require sealing or polishing, and cleaning it is as simple as warm water and a soft cotton cloth. Even mild soap is optional! And whereas concrete is porous, Cambria is nonabsorbent, so spills do not become stains and it will not draw in moisture that can harbor harmful bacteria.

Cambria is always professionally installed, warranty protected, and maintenance free. So you never have to worry about staining or sealing. Quartz countertops provide all of the design aesthetic you desire without any concerns about durability or performance. With Cambria, you never have to concern yourself with DIY countertops or worry about maintenance, staining, or performance.

Here, a few of our favorite designs.


A light gray with subtle cream undertones and abundant flowing gray threads, Bridport brings another dimension of style to the concrete aesthetic.

Detailed view of Cambria Bridport quartz countertop design

Cambria Bridport design detail.

To complement the light gray and cream tones in the design, we recommend pairing Bridport with other shades of gray, whether in dark herringbone tilework or in textiles, contrasting black hardware, light or dark stained wood, and neutral shades of paint that allow the design to pop.

A bathroom backdrop featuring Cambria Bridport quartz.

A contemporary bathroom with a Bridport quartz vanity.


Dark and dramatic with prominent medium gray tones, the Cambria Windrush design is streaked with slate-gray veining that flows and mingles with white accents.

Detailed view of Cambria Windrush quartz countertop design

Cambria Windrush design detail.

To highlight the dark and dramatic medium gray tones in the design, Cambria recommends complementary elements that allow the style to shine, like matte black hardware, geometric textiles, white tilework, leather cabinetry pulls, light stained wood, and gray and beige paints.

A bathroom with soothing gray tones featuring a counter with Cambria Windrush quartz countertops.

St. Giles™

Bold and expressive with prominent medium gray tones, St. Giles is accented with contrasting slate-gray and white veins that course across this elegant design. Faint gray veins under the surface add extra dimension and depth.


Cambria St. Giles design detail.

We love how St. Giles is brought to life in this living room, which features a standout floor-to-ceiling St. Giles quartz fireplace surround that adds richness to the room and plays well with the jewel-toned velvet accent chairs, supple brown leather couch, patterned rug, medium-hued wood ceiling, and shades of white in the wall paint and light fixture.

Living room with a coach and two chairs facing a roundtable across from a Cambria St. Giles quartz fireplace.

A floor-to-ceiling St. Giles fireplace.


The sedate and reflective Bradwell features a backdrop of medium gray tones with delicate, dark gray strands and clusters.

Detailed view of Cambria Bradwell quartz countertop design

Cambria Bradwell design detail.

In a light-filled pantry, the Cambria Bradwell design pairs perfectly with blue-gray cabinetry, neutral patterned wallpaper, light wood accents, and mixed metals in the fixtures and hardware. The stone never detracts from the other elements in the space and instead enhances them.

A light-filled pantry with Cambria Bradwell quartz countertops.

Bradwell complements the elements of this light-filled pantry.


The bold yet never overbearing Buxton depicts an industrial, grainy concrete foundation intermixed with gray, cream and white.

Detailed view of Cambria Buxton quartz countertop design

Cambria Buxton design detail.

“I’m really fond of Buxton, which represents an exotic, gritty concrete look possessing both cool and warm tones of gray and greige,” said Kath. “And a bonus, it’s made from repurposed scrap material from the Cambria production and fabrication process that would otherwise end up in a landfill. Win, win for our environment and for our customers.”

An office with a desk that has Cambria Buxton quartz countertops and siding.

A Buxton desk with a waterfall edge.

For Cambria, protecting the environment is second nature. Cambria uses best practices in raw mineral procurement, manufacturing, and finishing processes to create beautiful quartz surfaces that make a big impact, just not on the environment. Cambria maximizes efficiency without sacrificing quality to protect both the environment and our workers.

Kitchen beside a sliding door outside with a beige backsplash, island, and flooring.

A Buxton kitchen island and backsplash.


Presenting a modern spin on smooth concrete, Carrick flourishes swirling shades of gray and soft charcoal specks to create an intriguing pattern in this stylish and contemporary composition.

Detailed view of Cambria Carrick quartz countertop design

Cambria Carrick design detail

As Kath mentioned, the industrial design look is refining and elevating. With Carrick, it becomes more eclectic, living in the same room with other themes and styles.

Cambria Carrick quartz fireplace surround in living room

A modern Carrick fireplace.

We love the bold element Carrick adds to a modern fireplace design.


Bold and elegant in its simplicity, Dunmore features a solid concrete-gray hue that provides a strong, grounded presence.

Detailed view of Cambria Dunmore quartz countertop design

Cambria Dunmore design detail.

We love this Dunmore fireplace with a sculptural chandelier that adds ambiance to a dining room with both traditional and contemporary styles.

Dining room with a gray Cambria Dunmore fireplace surround.

A chic and sophisticated Dunmore fireplace surround.


An unassuming gray with tiny toffee-colored flecks, Templeton is both relaxed and rugged, just like concrete.

Detailed view of Cambria Templeton quartz countertop design

Cambria Templeton design detail.

In this kitchen, Jaclyn Peters Design hung matte black pendant lights above an oversized Templeton island to create an eye-catching focal point. The design complements the warm wood cabinetry and black accents in this modern take on the farmhouse kitchen trend.

Four black stools stand in front of a kitchen island with a Cambria Templeton quartz countertop.

A kitchen by Jaclyn Peters Design features a Templeton island.


The striking shade of slate gray in Cambria’s Fieldstone design is an impactful neutral that is true and timeless.

Detailed view of Cambria Fieldstone quartz countertop design

Cambria Fieldstone design detail.

This mid-century modern kitchen remodel embraces the original architecture of the home, updating where necessary for style and substance, like with Cambria Fieldstone countertops that lend durability and a grounding hue of deep gray to balance the floor-to-ceiling wood tones.

A kitchen with wooden floors and siding with a counter and kitchen island featuring Cambria Fieldstone quartz countertops.

Mid-century modern kitchen featuring Fieldstone.

[Updated on 12/05/2023]

A contemporary farmhouse bathroom with a Windrush vanity.

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