Cambria Matte® Finish

Evoke a greater feeling with Cambria Matte quartz countertops. With its subtle sheen, silken feel, and anti-glare surface, it’s an elegant contrast to its polished counterpart and unlike anything you’ve ever felt before in quartz.

All Cambria Matte quartz countertops offer durability, longevity, and performance, and are backed by a transferable Full Lifetime Warranty.


Benefits of Matte Finish

Our Cambria Matte finish gives your quartz countertops a more muted yet incredibly refined look. Its soft-touch surface is as durable as any of our polished countertops but offers a more organic feel.

Maintenance Free

Unlike other honed surface finishes, Cambria Matte finish doesn’t require sealing or polishing. Just clean with warm water, a soft cotton cloth, and mild soap, if desired. Cambria Matte finish will show surface markings from normal use, which are easily removed.


Cambria Matte finish offers the same optimal scratch and chip resistance as our polished finish, protecting your peace of mind against anything life throws your way.


With Cambria Matte finish, you get a silky-smooth low-sheen surface that you have to feel to believe.


Cambria Matte finish possesses the same industry-leading, transferable Full Lifetime Warranty as its polished finish counterpart.

Selecting Matte vs. Polished Finish

Selecting your quartz countertop finish is easy. Our Cambria experts will show you how your lighting, kitchen size, and cabinet color play a role in picking the perfect finish for your projects.

Visit a Cambria retailer to get started.

Discover Our Designs

Explore the most innovative quartz design palette in the industry. To see if your favorite design is available in Cambria Matte, view its design details.