5 Stunning Ways to Pair Wood Kitchen Cabinets With White Countertops

Cambria design shown: Torquay

Your countertops and cabinets are a powerful kitchen design duo. They cover the most surface area, handle the most daily wear, and set the tone for your style. So they’re a smart place to start when narrowing down your vision for a kitchen remodel. You’ll want to make sure you invest in high-quality materials that pair well together. One combination we love is wood cabinets with white countertops—it’s versatile, timeless, and there are many ways to make it your own.

WOOD CABINETS introduce organic textures and rich, earthy tones, making them a great option for any kitchen style from farmhouse to coastal to modern. White quartz countertops like Cambria pair well with nearly any shade or species of wood. The depth and movement of the quartz complement the tone and texture of wood cabinets, while a range of white hues contrast the cabinets to brighten and visually expand the space. Many of Cambria’s white countertop designs offer the look of marble without any maintenance, creating an elegant mix of materials when paired with wood cabinetry.

Should you keep or replace kitchen cabinets?

Deciding whether or not to keep or replace your wood cabinets? If they’re in good shape, it can be a smart budget saver to keep or refinish your cabinets. If you have wood cabinets that feel a bit dated, you’d be surprised at how replacing your countertops can give a new look to existing cabinets. Upgrading both your cabinets and countertops will have an even bigger impact on both the beauty and function of the space. It gives you a chance to improve the layout, incorporate smart storage ideas, and find the materials and styles that suit you best.

Five stunning combinations of wood kitchen cabinets with white countertops

1. Blonde wood cabinets with white countertops

We love the look of lighter woods in open, minimalistic spaces. Birch, ash, beech, and light maple cabinets offer an organic element for homeowners that brighten the environment without overpowering the design. Combining light woods with white countertops creates an inviting and airy space. Whitney Leigh Morris of THE TINY CANAL COTTAGE chose to keep her existing wood cabinetry, but replaced the dark granite with versatile TORQUAY™ countertops to complement her beach bungalow home.

The Tiny Canal Cottage kept its original wood cabinetry and installed Torquay countertops for an updated look.

The rustic look of reclaimed wood cabinets is perfect for this Scandinavian-style mountain house kitchen from Emily Henderson. WHITE CLIFF MATTE™, Cambria’s purest white countertop design, offers a crisp contrast to the textured beechwood. See more of how the space incorporates matte black accents and a statement island.

WHITE CLIFF MATTE pairs with reclaimed beechwood cabinets in EMILY HENDERSON’S mountain house kitchen.

Some woods can also be stained to appear lighter. JACLYN PETERS DESIGN uses this technique to give a faded but fresh look to a white oak island. ELLA™ countertops add movement that flows with the intricate grain of the wood, while its cream undertones and gray veins keep the space from feeling stark. Brass accents, including custom feet on the island, add warmth and style.

A stained white oak and ELLA island looks right at home in this bright kitchen. Photo by ARIANA TENNYSON.

2. Warm wood cabinets with white countertops

Incorporating darker elements into a compact kitchen can make the space seem smaller, which is why it isn’t always practical to match your countertop tone to that of the cabinetry. This galley kitchen features low-sheen SWANBRIDGE MATTE™ tops paired with glass tile backsplash and light paint to keep things bright. The cabinets and countertop offer contrast and organic texture to complete the look. Upgrading the countertops in a compact kitchen or galley kitchen is a small, but impactful change that can help the space feel larger as well as more functional.

High-contrast doesn’t have to be black and white. Warm wood cabinets and Swanbridge Matte™ countertops offer a balanced look with traditional charm.

3. Dark wood cabinets with white countertops

Many woods can be stained to appear darker to make the grain texture more apparent. Whether you like the look of a reddish Cherry Wood, or a more saturated color, darker cabinets may be the best option. This tone of cabinetry can offer a more traditional feel, while still maintaining modern elegance, especially when paired with a bold movement or marble alternative countertop.

Neutral gray veining across a white backdrop makes BRITTANICCA™ perfect for complementing dark woods as a countertop and backsplash. Design by LITA DIRKS CO. Photo by John Unrue Photography.

An open floor plan kitchen with natural light can play with darker stained cabinets while still having the feel of a large space. Thanks to finishing techniques and stains, walnut looks much darker in this kitchen from STUDIO GREY and SUSTAINABLE 9 DESIGN + BUILD. ELLA MATTE™, with thin horizontal veining, mimics the grain in the wood, creating a stylish parallel between countertop and cabinetry.

Modern and rustic marry well in this home with Ella Matte countertops, dark walnut cabinets, and mixed woods throughout.

4. Gray-tone wood cabinets with white countertops

Gray-tone wood cabinets can have a variety of undertones and base hues. This look is achieved by staining the cabinetry which can be done to any type of wood. Stains can alter the look of the wood and change its undertones from blue to taupe to silver as well as reveal the wood’s intricate grain.

Cabinets with these various tones make excellent pairings with designs with depth like SKARA BRAE™ in this open-concept LOFT KITCHEN, while an ALMOST-BLACK KITCHEN ISLAND is made bright with an Ella top. The versatility of stained cabinets and Cambria offer unlimited combinations to fit any style for a homeowner that loves a dark, polished look.

Taupe-gray cabinetry and other rustic woods pair with the olive and black tones in the bold veining of Skara Brae.

Both brown and gray hues in these flat panel cabinets are accentuated with a combination of Cambria designs: Torquay countertops, DARLINGTON™ floor tiles, and HOLLINSBROOK™ bar top. These three designs feature a spectrum of neutrals that pair perfectly with the rich details in these stained wood cabinets.

Flat panel cabinets featuring rich brown and espresso undertones contrast lighter elements in this mid-century modern, luxury kitchen. Design by WILLETTS DESIGN.

5. Weathered wood cabinets with white countertops

Weathered cabinetry gives an earthen luxe look with a variety of options like white-washed, bleached, or driftwood. These staining techniques give the impression of weathered wood but use a sturdier material, like oak or birch.

We love this style in a coastal kitchen, but also see it in farmhouse and traditional kitchens. Anne Sage’s minimalistic CALIFORNIA COAST KITCHEN uses weathered gray cabinets with Ella Matte countertops, keeping a monochromatic palette interesting with the textured cabinetry. With such intricate grain of the woods revealed from this type of stain, using it on a kitchen island or buffet with a subtle white and gray design like Torquay allows for a bold focal point. A charming farmhouse kitchen gets an elevated barn wood look with whitewashed ash cabinets.

These brown ash cabinets were hand finished to bring out their rustic-chic tonality and grain. Design by PARAGON KITCHENS. Photo by JASON HARTOG PHOTOGRAPHY.

Explore additional Cambria combinations

If wood cabinetry doesn’t fit your style, painted cabinets are a chic way to showcase saturated hues or classic neutrals. Cambria’s EXPANSIVE DESIGN PALETTE offers unlimited combinations to complement or contrast the cabinets of your choice.

From light to dark and uniquely stained, wood cabinetry should not be overlooked as a beautiful feature in any kitchen. When paired with Cambria countertops, these traditional cabinets can take on a new style and fresh feeling. Find your perfect pair by ORDERING SAMPLES OF CAMBRIA and see how each one looks with your cabinets. If you’re doing a full remodel, many cabinet retailers will offer samples of their products, too. Design a moodboard with your samples of wood cabinets and white countertops, or simply see how they look side-by-side.

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