How to Choose a Countertop Edge Profile for Your Countertop

Cambria design shown: Skara Brae™

Step 1: Fall in love with a quartz countertop design. (Cambria’s EXTENSIVE Design PALETTE has you covered).
Step 2: Select your surface finish: low-sheen CAMBRIA MATTE® or high gloss.
Step 3: Choose your countertop edge profile (there are 19 CAMBRIA EDGE PROFILES to pick from).

What is a countertop edge profile?

An edge profile is the finishing touch that completes your countertop look, so it’s wise to put some thought into your decision. Need help narrowing down your choices? We’ve handpicked an array of Cambria edge profiles so you can customize your countertops to suit your style.

Finding your Cambria edge profile

With 19 CAMBRIA EDGE PROFILES, there’s an option for every aesthetic from contemporary to traditional. Because Cambria’s quartz designs infuse veining, movement, and tones throughout the slab, the beauty of your design will carry through any edge profile you choose.

Rounded style Countertop Edges

Fully and partially rounded countertop edges add subtle softness to a space. The smooth detailing can make for a comfortable dining area at an island or add contrast to angular fixtures.

Edge: Piedmont
The Piedmont countertop edge profile is softly rounded on the top edge. You may also hear it referred to as a Demi Bullnose, ½ Bullnose, or a ¼ Round. This edge is available in 2cm, 3cm, and 4cm thickness.

This inviting space features a BRITTANICCA™ island with Piedmont edge. Space by ZAWADSKI HOMES.

BRITTANICCA WARM™ quartz countertops with a Piedmont edge. Space by VILLAGE HOME STORES.

Edge: Volcanic
The Volcanic edge profile is fully rounded at the top and bottom of the edge. This countertop edge style is sometimes called a Bullnose or Full Bullnose. This edge is available in 2cm, 3cm, 4cm, and 6cm thickness.

Beige and white bathroom featuring TENBY CREAM™ quartz countertops with a Volcanic edge and coordinating Cambria backsplash.


Profiles with Rugged texture

A hand-chiseled countertop edge adds dynamic texture and a rustic look. The edge is not glossy and feels rugged to the touch.

Edge: Moraine
This Cambria quartz countertop edge profile is hand-finished for a natural, rustic appearance. You may hear the Moraine edge profile called a Chiseled Edge, Broken Edge, or Rock Face. This edge is available in 2cm, 3cm, 4cm, and 6cm thickness.

SKARA BRAE™ quartz countertops with a Moraine edge lend old-world character and rustic texture to this luxury kitchen. Kitchen design by KITCHEN DESIGN GROUP and interior design by DONI FLANIGAN for JUSTIN DOYLE HOMES.


Traditional countertop edge profiles

Countertop edges with ornate or cascading movement offer a sophisticated look for traditional spaces.

Edge: Bryn
The Bryn countertop edge profile is a traditional design with a twist. Often called a Reverse Waterfall, this edge is available in 4cm thickness.

BELLINGHAM™ countertops with a Bryn edge. Space by ROOM RESOLUTIONS.


profiles that make a Bold statement

A mitered edge gives the appearance of a thicker countertop for a crisp, clean edge. This is a stunning option to showcase the bold veining of designs like BRITTANICCA.

Edge: Rimrock
The Rimrock countertop edge profile, also known as a mitered edge, is assembled from two pieces. This adds a weighty appearance to the design without requiring a heavier or thicker countertop. Cambria’s proprietary techniques combine the two pieces for a cohesive look. This edge is made from 6mm, 1cm, 2cm, 3cm, 4cm, or 6cm stone that is mitered to the desired height for the thicker edge aesthetic.

This BRITTANICCA bar at BRICK X MORTAR features a Rimrock edge.

A BRITTANICCA island with Rimrock edge lends striking movement to AMY PURDY’S kitchen.


countertop edges with Intriguing depth

Add depth and dimension to your countertop with angled or beveled edges.

Edge: Ledge
The Ledge countertop edge profile fades back at the bottom edge for a versatile look with subtle yet captivating dimension. Sometimes called a Reverse Bevel or Plater, this edge is available in 3cm thickness.

Coastal kitchen featuring KELVINGROVE™ quartz countertops with a Ledge edge. Space by KITCHENSCAPES. Photo by Tony Thagard.


Modern, simplistic countertop edges

A crisp, square-cut countertop edge is straightforward, versatile, and modern—ideal for contemporary and transitional kitchens.

Edge: Ridgeline
The Ridgeline countertop edge profile is simple and bold. Ridgeline is available in 2cm, 3cm, 4cm, and 6cm thickness.

This glam kitchen at Brick x Mortar features SWANBRIDGE™ with a Ridgeline edge.


Custom countertop edge profiles

Not finding the exact look you want from these selections or the other standard CAMBRIA EDGE PROFILE OPTIONS? Custom countertop edges for commercial and residential applications are possible—speak to your dealer or fabricator about the possibilities.

This custom countertop edge combines BRITTANICCA and Darlington™ for a uniquely modern look.

This bar in Yankee Stadium’s Legends Suite features ELLA™ with an ornate custom edge.

Please note that some edge profiles may not be offered in all markets. Check with your local retailer or fabricator for available options.

We look forward to seeing your space with Cambria quartz that’s sure to have the edge on style. Share using the hashtag #MyCambria on social media.


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