Design Roundup: Stunning Cambria Quartz Reception Desks

As the saying goes, you never get a second chance to make a first impression. In workplace, healthcare, and hospitality spaces, that first impression starts with the reception design. A beautiful reception desk sets the tone with guests, clients, and employees—but beautiful design is only part of the story. High-traffic and hardworking areas require materials that handle daily demands and maintain their beauty over time. A Cambria reception desk provides a stylish, durable, and hygienic surface ideal for any commercial space.

Benefits of Quartz Reception Desks

With Cambria’s extensive portfolio of stunning quartz designs, there’s an option for every reception area aesthetic, from soft and subdued to vibrant and bold. Cambria’s custom fabrication techniques allow for innovative reception desk shapes and styles, such as curved surfaces and waterfall edges, that are not possible or practical with other stones or materials.

Cambria is made from natural quartz, one of the hardest minerals on Earth (a 7 on the Mohs scale of hardness), making it extremely durable and the perfect surface for a heavy-use, functional area like a reception desk. Cambria is much harder than marble (3—4 on the Mohs scale) and granite (5—6). Scratches and stains are never a worry with Cambria, ensuring a flawless first impression that lasts the lifetime of the space. As the only quartz product backed by a transferable, Full Lifetime Warranty, Cambria is well-suited for resilient design projects. And unlike marble and other stones, Cambria is nonabsorbent so it won’t draw in moisture or absorb bacteria—ensuring a hygienic surface for healthcare and hospitality settings.

We’ve rounded up some of our favorite reception desk designs featuring Cambria to inspire your next project.

Mixed Material Restaurant Reception Desk with a Quartz Waterfall Edge

Galloway pairs with reclaimed woods for a warm and inviting rustic look for this restaurant host stand. Learn more about the benefits of Cambria as a food-safe and stylish surface for hospitality design.

Restaurant host stand featuring Galloway™ and reclaimed wood.

Cambria GALLOWAY design detail.

Welcoming Fitness Center Reception Desk with Quartz Countertops

With rich earth tones and powerful movement, Langdon makes a stunning statement as a reception desk in this employee fitness center. A design with a striking pattern or bold veining is ideal for spaces like this corporate office with open overhead views. A coordinating Langdon accent wall showcases another application of the quartz.

Bold Langdon™ fitness center reception desk and accent wall at Maritz corporate headquarters.

Cambria LANGDON design detail.

Fitness Center Reception Desk with Marble-Like Quartz Countertops

The marbled look of Brittanicca Warm offers luxe appeal for this high-end fitness center reception desk. The soft veining and creamy tones pair beautifully with warm woods for subtle texture and a crisp, clean look. As an easy-clean, hygienic surface, Cambria is ideal for communal high-traffic spaces like gyms and fitness centers.

LIFE TIME reception desk featuring Brittanicca Warm™ countertops.

Cambria BRITTANICCA WARM design detail.

Durable Concrete-Look Wellness Center Reception Desk

This contemporary Carrick reception desk echoes the angular, gray graphics on the climbing wall at this university wellness center. This Cambria design makes for an elevated concrete alternative for an industrial aesthetic with innovative application options. See more of the space in Sea to Slopes: Exceptional Spaces with Cambria.

Carrick™ reception desk and rock climbing wall at the UNIVERSITY OF COLORADO – DENVER Lola and Rob Salazar Wellness Center.

Cambria CARRICK design detail.

Modern Workplace Reception Desk with Wood and Quartz

A stylish reception area can showcase the personality and culture of a company, energizing both clients and colleagues. In this design studio, White Cliff pairs with wood for a sleek waterfall-edge reception desk for a contemporary workplace design with midcentury modern flair. The clean lines and pure white quartz countertop design offer crisp contrast to the dark wood feature wall with a wave pattern.

Modern workplace reception desk featuring White Cliff™ at HDR Minneapolis Design Studio.

Chic Yoga Studio Reception Desk with Marble-Look Quartz

A glamorous, maintenance-free marble alternative, Annicca adds a wow factor to this mixed-material reception desk. With gold and purple sparkle infused in the veining, this elegant quartz design pairs well with weathered woods, brass accents, and greige paint in this chic yoga studio.

Yoga studio reception desk featuring Annicca™ countertops at LIT LIFE+ YOGA.

Cambria ANNICCA design detail.

Television Set Law Firm Office Reception Desk

Ella Matte strikes a sophisticated note as reception desk countertops in the office of a fictional law firm on the set of TV’s “The Good Fight.” With camera-ready style, the Cambria reception desk offers an authentic professional presence and durability for long days on set. “In addition to being incredibly beautiful and practical, I knew the surface would hold up through multiple seasons,” says Beth Kushnick, set decorator for the CBS show. Cambria Matte® finish is also low sheen, reducing glare on camera, while still offering the same durability and maintenance-free ease as the high-gloss finish.

Law firm office reception desk with ELLA MATTE countertops on the set of CBS’s “The Good Fight.” Set design by: BAK HOME DECOR.

Create Your Reception Design with Cambria

For more information on Cambria, including performance data, product specifications, and certifications, see our Professional Resources. Learn more about how Cambria has benefitted various commercial projects in these case studies.

Interested in creating a stunning reception design with Cambria? Contact the commercial representative for your region to get started.

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