Unique Kitchen Island Shapes and Styles That Break the Mold

Whether you want to showcase your design personality or need a special solution for your space, these gorgeous unique kitchen islands can inspire you to think outside the box.

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Cambria Rose Bay and Hadley quartz countertops in a kitchen featuring unique shapes.

Cambria designs shown: Rose Bay™ and Hadley™

Counter space, storage, seating, and style. What’s not to love about a kitchen island? We can’t get enough kitchen inspiration, and lately we’ve been captivated by spaces that switch things up with unconventional shapes, unique features, and statement styles. Whether you want to showcase your design personality or need a special solution for your space, these gorgeous kitchen island designs can inspire you to think outside the box (or rectangle).

Unique Kitchen Island Shapes to Consider

1. Triangle Kitchen Island with Ella Countertops

Ensure your kitchen is the family gathering spot with a triangular island that makes everyone part of the action. The distinct shape of this white quartz Ella™ in a matte finish island is ideal for dining and conversation. The triangular kitchen island shape allows for more seating and the centralized sink keeps you involved while doing prep or cleanup. The angular island also defines the kitchen space in an open-plan layout, and a neutral color palette with white quartz countertops keeps it timeless. Glass pendants, two-tone cabinetry, and industrial stools complete the kitchen look.

Cambria Ella Matte quartz kitchen countertops

Cambria design shown: Ella

2. Kitchen Islands with Ample Storage

Kitchen islands aren’t just for multiplying surface space. Get the most out of your kitchen island by utilizing extra storage space below the countertop. These wooden pullout drawers with deep beds provide ample storage when you’re short on space. Adding in extra storage dividers can help maximize the organization within for easy access—the idea is to reduce the chances of accumulating those junk drawers where things go to disappear. This blonde wood and black hardware against the white quartz of Cambria’s White Cliff™ design creates a charming, modernized farmhouse feel that is peak coziness.

Cambria White Cliff Matte quartz kitchen countertops featuring open drawer with plates and bowls

3. Two-Tier Kitchen Island with Brittanicca

This two-tiered kitchen island with a white and gray Brittanicca quartz countertop takes a twist on traditional with a quartz dining bar wrapped around one side of the standard, rectangular island. The Brittanicca dining bar showcases more of the beautiful gray veining with a thick mitered edge profile. Cambria designs like Brittanicca are a strong and stain-resistant marble alternative, making them the perfect surface to enjoy a morning coffee or an evening glass of wine on.

Cambria Brittanicca quartz island countertop in unique kitchen

Two-tiered island by TruVision Custom Homes and Aristokraft featuring Brittanicca.

4. T-Shaped Kitchen Island with Cambria Rose Bay and Hadley

A tiered T-shaped kitchen island can create clear zones for prep, cleaning, cooking, and dining. This multitiered floating island featuring black-and-white RoseBay and navy Hadley quartz countertops stands out with contemporary style. Black-stripe detailing on the white island base and perimeter shelving complements the bold quartz countertop pairing. The Rose Bay countertops form an L-shaped island with distinct tiers for cooking and prep. The navy Hadley waterfall-edge countertop creates a chic dining bar with black barrel stools.

Cambria Rose Bay and Hadley quartz countertops in kitchen with unique shapes and styles

Multitiered floating island with Rose Bay and Hadley. Design by Young Huh for Holiday House New York City. Photo by Meghan McNeer.

5. Curved Kitchen Island with Seating

The rounded kitchen island is a distinct and welcoming focal point in this baker’s kitchen dream space, combining three Cambria quartz designs in stunning fashion and offering a comfortable seating area separate from the prep zones. The round island offers three separate working areas, a convenient pop-up outlet for small appliances, and a unique baker’s sink crafted of Brittanicca Gold Warm. As nonabsorbent quartz, the Blackpool Matte and Fairbourne kitchen island surface provides a food-safe surface to roll dough, arrange ingredients, and serve up samples.

Uniquely shaped Cambria Blackpool Matte and Fairbourne quartz kitchen countertop

Rounded kitchen island with Blackpool Matte and Fairbourne countertops and Brittanicca Gold Warm sink surround. Design by Vyda Fine Interiors for Kips Bay Decorator Show House Palm Beach.

6. Farmhouse-Style Island

A kitchen island table doesn’t have to mean a dining space. A rustic farmhouse table-style kitchen island adds charm and character to a farmhouse kitchen and is a great option when you’re short on space. This lovely kitchen features an olive green farmhouse table island topped with a gray quartz Carrick countertop in a matte finish. This open kitchen island makes a charming focal point and functional work space with high-performing quartz countertops. The gray Cambria design is a maintenance-free concrete-alternative countertop that complements the marble-look Brittanicca™ in a matte finish perimeter for two-tone countertop style.

Cambria Carrick Matte quartz kitchen countertop

Rustic green kitchen island table with matte finished Carrick countertop. Space by Jenny Komenda.

7. Vintage-Inspired Kitchen Island

This vintage-inspired kitchen island featuring gray and white Hermitage quartz top, dim lighting, and warm earth tones, gives it a whimsical, rustic feel. With an off-centered pedestal stand, this vintage kitchen island design provides ample surface space for prepping and serving. Backlit shelving against the mossy green Wentwood backsplash and under-counter lighting add a little extra detail that transports you back in time and mimics a vintage style that is still on the top trend list today.

Unique Cambria Hermitage and Wentwood quartz bar countertop and backsplash

Cambria Hermitage (on the island) and Wentwood™ (on the bar/backsplash) elevate this luxury space in the 2021 Kips Bay Decorator Show House Dallas. Space by Yates Desygn.

8. Industrial Rolling Kitchen Island with Skara Brae Countertops

A rolling kitchen island is a great solution if you’re short on space or want flexibility with your floor plan. This industrial kitchen island functions as a table and a portable prep space with a striking Skara Brae countertop. The bold veining of the quartz countertop pairs beautifully with dark-taupe cabinetry while the rolling base offers a minimalist, open feel in this loft kitchen.

Unique Cambria Skara Brae quartz kitchen island countertop

Industrial rolling kitchen-island table with Skara Brae countertops.

9. Be Bold with a Brittanicca Gold Warm Kitchen Island

This luxe, high-contrast space showcases the beauty of Brittanicca Gold Warm as a waterfall-edge kitchen island paired with a corresponding quartz backsplash, chevron wood flooring, rich black cabinetry, and copper accents. A gray wraparound bench adds an industrial element to this glam kitchen, offering modern structural seating and a practical drop zone. The platform can also serve as a booster step for young children. The other side of the waterfall island features a stepped countertop for an integrated quartz dining table.

November 6th , 2019 Edgewater, NJ For NJ Monthly, stylist Lauren Payne, Designer Vanessa Deleon, Restauranteur Bobby Bournais

Brittanicca Gold Warm waterfall-edge island with integrated gray bench. Space by Vanessa Deleon.

10. Butcher Block Kitchen Island

An elegant mix of materials lends distinct character to this kitchen island. A rich, monochromatic Blackpool Matte quartz countertop pairs with a walnut butcher-block accent (a signature element from the designer) and a custom brass edge detail. For a matte black countertop look, Cambria’s Blackpool Matte quartz design is a smart alternative to soapstone countertops, offering durability, maintenance-free convenience, scratch resistance, and a nonabsorbent surface. The black quartz island countertop contrasts the White Cliff™ in matte finish perimeter countertop and features a thicker edge with brass metal banding, giving the island more visual heft in the space. Olive green cabinetry, a sliced flint backsplash, and brass accents complete the look.

Cambria Blackpool Matte and White Cliff quartz kitchen countertops

Kitchen island featuring Blackpool Matte countertops, walnut butcher-block accent, and gold-band edge detail. Design by Christopher Peacock for Kips Bay Decorator Show House.

11. Furniture-Style Kitchen Island

Add some style, warmth, and character to your kitchen by repurposing a piece of furniture for your kitchen island, or add some furniture-style inspiration to turn your counter into a gathering space. Furniture-style islands are chic and inviting to all guests to gather round. The delicate veining of Brittanicca Gold Warm quartz countertops against a light wood stump functions for support and natural elegance among a pink and gold color scheme.

Custom Cambria Brittanicca Gold Warm Matte quartz dining room table

Cambria design shown: Brittanicca Gold Warm

Ideas to Make Your Unique Kitchen Island Come to Life

12. Add a Pop of Color

Don’t be afraid to go bold. Adding a pop of color in the cabinetry can bring any space to life and add a little personality to your kitchen. Pair against whites, blacks, or other neutrals with some gold accents to complete this sophisticated style—the geometric wave of this Bentley™ quartz waterfall island countertop has a classy and timeless effect while still being ultra unique. Whether you opt for a cool turquoise or a warmer shade, playing with color is a great way to open up your kitchen with a little more dimension.

Unique Cambria Bentley kitchen waterfall kitchen island

Cambria design shown: Bentley

13. Center Your Island as the Focal Point

Focal points are a must-have to bring out the elegance of your kitchen. A suave design that pulls your eye to the center of the space can sometimes be the very thing that pulls everything together. Centering your kitchen island as your statement piece with a cool veining design and matching backsplash adds a multitude of dimension to your kitchen and opens up the space, creating a nice flow from one side of the room to the other. Bentley intersects a white background with translucent black and charcoal veins, with muted light gray spatters and cross veins dispersed throughout.

Cambria Bentley and Torquay quartz countertops and backsplash in a bold, unique kitchen.

Cambria design shown: Bentley

14. Mix Elements for a Dramatic Effect

You might have to get creative with your kitchen island design when a space has structural features you cannot remove or original elements you want to preserve for character. This white kitchen embraces an exposed brick beam, integrated with pristine Cambria Ella quartz countertops on the kitchen island and perimeter cabinets. Copper accents complete the rustic, industrial farmhouse look.

Cambria Ella quartz island kitchen countertop in a kitchen with dramatic mixed brick and quartz elements.

Kitchen island with Cambria Ella countertops and exposed brick beam. Space by Younique Kitchens & Bath.

15. Contrast Dark Countertops with Light Cabinetry

Dark surfaces tend to absorb light, while lighter surfaces reflect it. That’s why we love this contrast between light cabinetry and dark countertops—these white cabinets create an airy atmosphere for the light to flow in from the windows and brighten up the space, while this black kitchen island and these Blackpool Matte quartz countertops soak up any harsh lighting. Add a herring bone tile backsplash for that texture and you’ve got a solid kitchen that’ll never go out of style.

Cambria Blackpool Matte quartz kitchen island countertops

Cambria design shown: Blackpool Matte

16. Hang Fun Light Fixtures Above the Island

Whether your kitchen has sufficient natural light or could use a little extra ambiance, finding the right light fixture to hang above your kitchen island is almost like adding jewelry for your home. Drape the ceiling with a luxe finish like these crystal pendants. Overhead lights are a great filler space between the countertop and ceiling, and elevate the kitchen from modernized to personalized like in this kitchen featuring Brittanicca for the quartz island countertop.

Cambria Brittanicca quartz kitchen island countertops.

Cambria design shown: Brittanicca

17. Choose Seating That Makes a Statement

There’s something about all-white kitchens that seem to stand the test of time. It’s a design you’ll never tire of but if you’re looking for an easy way to switch in some spunk, changing out the island seating is a go-to for those of us looking for a style switch up. Low-rise wicker bar stools with a half back and black metal bottoms complete this neutral look, adding in a bit of texture in the woven seating. It’s just the right amount of coziness to complete this modern look, and pairs well with the bold, black hardware and Brittanicca quartz island countertop and backsplash.

Cambria Brittanicca quartz kitchen waterfall island countertop

Cambria design shown: Brittanicca

18. Prioritize Durable Kitchen Countertops

Known for its strength and abundance, quartz countertops are one of the toughest and most reliable choices around. Quartz is one of the hardest minerals on earth, thus providing durable, compact slabs that will hold up a timeless design for years down the line. Cambria quartz surfaces are born from nature, crafted, and delivered right to your kitchen so you can get the most out of what the natural world has to offer in an elegant and sleek form.

Cambria Rose Bay and Mammoth Cave Matte quartz kitchen waterfall island countertop

Rose Bay waterfall island adds beauty and durability to this black-and-white kitchen design.

Find Your Shape and Style with Cambria

At Cambria, we pride ourselves on breaking the traditional mold by providing our clients with showstopping designs and unparalleled customer service. To see our beautiful quartz countertops before committing to a project, order a sample to see which Cambria design is right for you.

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