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Cambria design shown: Annicca™

When it comes to carefully curated interiors inspiration, there’s no place like Instagram.

At Cambria, we celebrate showstopping interiors, and we love to see our designs attract a quality audience on platforms like Instagram. From real-life installs shared via #MyCambria to trend-worthy aesthetics, we’re sharing a look at the spaces you’ve most-liked in 2020.

Making the list is the beauty of designs like Brittanicca Gold Warm™ and Annicca and the bold movement of designs like Bentley™ and Clovelly™. The common thread across this year’s favorites are statement-making styles that draw the eye and defy design norms.

The Beauty of Cambria Brittanicca Gold Warm

We’ve made no secret of our love for Brittanicca™, but now we know how much you love the classically elegant Brittanicca Gold Warm too. With an intriguing array of earth tones and powerful marble-like veining, Brittanicca Gold Warm features translucent ribbons of organic gold and greige, speckled with copper and hints of gray flowing across a creamy white background.

Detailed view of Cambria Brittanicca Gold Warm™ quartz countertop design

Brittanicca Gold Warm design detail.

In this kitchen by The Kitchen Design Center by Gramophone in Maryland, the team paired Cambria Brittanicca Gold Warm island countertops with modern black and brass accents to add warmth and create an inviting oasis.

A luxury kitchen with black cabinets and gold fixtures with Brittanicca Gold Warm quartz countertops

Brittanicca Gold Warm amplifies this standout kitchen design.

A white kitchen with gold fixtures and Brittanicca Gold Warm quartz countertops

Brittanicca Gold Warm in Cambria Matte complements any design aesthetic. Photo by Carley Summers.

Cambria Matte pairs the unrivaled stain resistance and longevity Cambria is known for with a matte finish that evokes the satiny subtle sheen of time-worn marble and shines with a radiance all its own. All Cambria Matte finish designs are backed by Cambria’s transferable Full Lifetime Warranty to ensure years of outstanding service.

Brittanicca Gold Warm coordinates perfectly in this creamy, warm color palette curated by Haven Builders and complemented by an abundance of natural light. From the kitchen to the bath, whites, wood, and brushed gold tones create a calming, dreamy space.

a modern kitchen with plenty of natural lighting, wooden cabinets and island topped with quartz countertops, two bulb lights hanging over the island, and a wooden hood over the range.

Let there be light in this calming kitchen by Haven Builders.

In this elegant open-plan kitchen design by Louisville-based Artisan Signature Homes and Gretchen Black, the marble-like Brittanicca Gold Warm quartz countertops in a matte finish pair well with brushed gold fixtures, white cabinetry, and stunning Café Appliances to create a tastefully modern farmhouse palette.

The Annica Aesthetic

For those seeking an alternative to marble, Cambria’s popular Annicca design is the perfect choice. Made of natural quartz, not only is the stone strong, stain resistant, and maintenance free, but its neutral white background with subtle gray veining and flecks of sparkling gold and purple offer a new spin on classic marble.

Detailed view of Cambria Annicca™ quartz countertop design

Annicca design detail.

In this luxurious master bathroom by Happy Interiors Group, 300 square feet of Cambria’s Annicca design is featured prominently in the standout walk-in steam shower, the size of which was increased to accommodate a bench.

“Annicca has gorgeous bold veining, so we knew it’d be a showstopper with the size of the shower,” said interior decorator Abby Tallman, founder of Happy Interiors Group, who also used Annicca for the double sink and makeup vanities in the room. “Annicca has gold flecks that tie in perfectly with the brushed bronze fixture choices, plus it has a lot of white to complement the white cabinetry and flooring. We wanted something American made that would hold up well, be durable, and that we wouldn’t have to be careful about or continually care for, like with marble or granite.”

Interior view of shower with Cambria Annicca quartz shower walls

This is what 300 square feet of Cambria Annicca looks like.

Cambria’s nonabsorbent, full-slab material is perfect for bathrooms since no steam or moisture can escape through its panels and there’s no grout to clean.

Carmelin Design and Chris Cucullo conceptualized this powder blue and gold kitchen palette by incorporating a bold black island and Annicca’s deep purple tones for an unexpected yet striking pairing.


A unique floral pattern backsplash and gold hardware brings out the Cambria Annicca countertops’ gold flecks. Photo by Birdhouse Media.

Be Bold With Bentley

The beautiful Cambria Bentley design features a white background intersected with bold, translucent black and charcoal veins along with muted light gray spatters throughout.

Detailed view of Cambria Bentley™ quartz countertop design

Bentley design detail.

Cambria designs with movement and veining add interest and character to a décor scheme. Both bold and versatile, the iconic black-and-white Bentley design fits seamlessly into any interior design aesthetic and effortlessly combines both design and durability.

In a kitchen design by decorator Jewel Marlowe for her family home, a standout waterfall island in Cambria’s Bentley design, fabricated by Granite and Marble Express, features exciting movement and veining in a black-and-white pattern.

Instead of letting other elements in the space defer to the island, Marlowe added more bold elements, like blue-hued cabinetry, gold hardware and fixtures, a contrasting wood island inlet accent by Burled Co., striped stool cushions, and black window trim. The effect wows.

Unique Cambria Bentley kitchen waterfall kitchen island

Interior designer Jewel Marlowe leaned into the bold aesthetic with a Cambria Bentley waterfall island and blue-hued cabinetry.

“To add continuity to the home, I have repeated the bold black-and-white theme of our Bentley island in almost every other room of our house. Black-and-white rugs, art, and wallpaper help the statement-making kitchen island feel so natural and consistent,” said Marlowe.

In this kitchen by Soda Pop Design, a Bentley waterfall island with a gold inlay, brass and gold hardware details, black cabinetry, and a high-gloss, textured backsplash make for a bold and glamorous design.

Kitchen featuring a counter and island with Cambria Bentley quartz countertops.

A glamorous kitchen design by Soda Pop Design featuring Bentley countertops and vent hood.

Designers often use Cambria for unique applications separate from countertops and, in this case, the team also installed a custom vent hood with the Bentley design to match the space’s countertops and island.

It all comes together for a chic and sophisticated result.

Known for their eclectic, high-end designs that marry modern pieces with international flourishes, the husband and wife duo behind interior design firm French & French Interiors based in Santa Fe, New Mexico, created a classically elegant kitchen with the Cambria Bentley design.

Kitchen featuring a green backsplash and a kitchen island with Cambria Bentley quartz countertops.

Every detail was considered in the creation of this kitchen by French & French Interiors.

Throughout the space, the team relied on a standout Bentley countertop to contrast against the island’s natural wood base with vertical architectural lines, to play with the oversized refrigerator paneled in matte black, and to highlight a shiny green tiled backsplash above the stove.

Bentley adds dimension without taking away from the kitchen’s myriad bold details.

Embrace the New With Portrush™ and Clovelly

New in 2020 are Cambria’s Portrush and Clovelly designs, both of which have quickly become fan favorites. Clovelly is graceful and flowing on a creamy background with copper and brown swooping veins along with white, lightning-like veins that rise and fall across a surface.

Detailed view of Cambria Clovelly™ quartz countertop design

Clovelly design detail.

“Clovelly is both an impact piece and a grounding accent that makes a statement with bold veining,” said Alexandra Stanton of Coastal Cabinets Works. “We find homeowners are leaning toward quartz with a more natural look, and this new design fits that need.”

The husband and wife duo behind Artisan Signature Homes, Jason and Gretchen Black, designed this stunning kitchen with a Cambria Clovelly waterfall island and matching perimeter countertops that highlight the matte brass, black, and warm wood tones throughout the space.

Copper-and-brown-veined Cambria Clovelly quartz countertops in a kitchen.

Cambria Clovelly fits perfectly into this modern kitchen design.

Portrush features an elegant porcelain base crisscrossed with bold navy, gray, and black veins accompanied by fine-spun filaments and gleaming gold flakes.

“Portrush has natural veining but with a fashion-forward color combination,” said Wilshire Cabinet Co.’s Travis Morelock. “It is not a supporting character and has the drama to be the star of any show. Portrush adds a visual ‘wow’ to a space without being overwhelming.”

Detailed view of Cambria Portrush™ quartz countertop design

Portrush design detail.

Portrush packs a punch in this charming modern farmhouse kitchen. Its notes of navy blue and gold bring out the teal cabinetry hue and metal fixtures.

Cambria Portrush countertops in a charming kitchen.

Cambria Portrush helps ground this charming kitchen.

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