Designer Gil Melott at Kips Bay Decorator Show House Dallas

Chicago-based interior designer is the visionary behind this luxury show house kitchen renovation.

Written by:Angela Johnson

Click to watch our interview with Melott and discover what he loved about working with Cambria on this project. Cambria designs shown: Malvern™ and Black Rock Matte™*

Kips Bay Decorator Show House Dallas is a regional event that’s grown out of the overwhelming success of the organization’s New York show house—a fundraiser that provides for much needed after school and youth enrichment programs. For nearly 50 years, Kips Bay Boys & Girls Club has celebrated, through these show house events, the best in interior design through an elegant exhibition of fine furnishings, art, and technology. Each room in every show house is designed and decorated by select designers who applied to participate from across the country. The results are breathtakingly unique spaces that can be toured for a limited time by ticketed guests who surely love the inspiration.

When it came to this show house kitchen renovation, interior designer Gil Melott of Gil Melott Studio told us, “So the inspiration was to create a calm and serene space. We were able to do that by using incredibly useful materials but materials that ended up being incredibly luxurious as well. Now one of the luxuries we have is being able to work with great partners. We chose partners like Cambria, and we were able to mix those things with our antique vintage mirrors that really echoed what was going on in the counters.”

A closeup of the corner of a Cambria Malvern tabletop

Custom fabrication options allow your quartz surface to completely suit your design dream. Cambria design shown: Malvern

Melott continues, “Cambria really allowed us to do a couple of things. One is to bring a variety of patterns and colors. But when we designed this island, we really wanted to have an Italian feel. We looked at the Angelo Mangiarotti table as an inspiration, and the fabricators here in Dallas were incredible. They were able to create this column and this lovely wing connection here.”


Consideration of a room’s lighting can play into the decision to select a matte or polished surface. Cambria design shown: Black Rock*

“Kitchens have different uses, and different surfaces are needed for those uses,” says Melott. “Our decision to go with a matted finish on the perimeters is really because of the bright sunshine that we’re getting from the windows on the outside and the mirrors that we’re using as a backsplash. And Cambria allowed us to manipulate the palette and the material into a luxury item with a lot of resiliency.”

The results of this renovation are summarized perfectly in Veranda magazine where Melott says, “It’s not about having all these crazy bells and whistles but rather, about having a wide range of elements be really special in this kitchen.”

*Gensler product design consultant

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