Crafting Warmth: What’s Hot in Fireplace Design Trends

Whether you want to make a statement or set a mood, the following design advice will help you begin to envision what your custom quartz fireplace could look like.

A stunning living room with a white and gray veined fireplace, built in bookshelves, white seating, and a large window.

Look Up

Quartz fireplace cladding with the design displayed vertically draws the eye upward. The effect is a feeling of grandeur. Extending the vertical fireplace cladding to the ceiling further makes a room feel larger with a focal point not unlike unique artwork.


Set in Stone

A fireplace provides a visual and functional connection to nature, which is why stone is such a popular fireplace construction material. Cambria quartz surfaces broaden design possiblities for traditional to ultra-modern interiors. Plus, Cambria quartz surfaces are extremely durable, easy to clean, and completely customizable.

Living room with a fireplace and table featuring Cambria Berkshire Brass Satin Ridge quartz siding and countertops.

Cut It Out

A customizable quartz fireplace allows you to play with shapes and create more interesting visual elements. Quartz designs with texture add another layer of delightful design with a tactile surface.

a luxurious, modern living room with a floor-to-ceiling white quartz fireplace.

Great Rooms

Open floor plans with a delineation of spaces are increasingly popular. You can mulitply the functionality of a vertical fireplace design by having it also serve to divide an open space. Use layering techniques with proportionally varied feature sizes to provide the eye’s desired symmetry.

a stunning living room with white wall panels, a floor-to-ceiling black quartz fireplace, and neutral decorations.

By Contrast

A bold and black quartz design on the fireplace commands attention and anchors a space with sophistication.

a modern living room with a white sectional sofa, black quartz fireplace, built in bookshelf, and a full-wall window.

The Dark Side 

A dark stone fireplace also adds a bit of drama and mystery. And you can juxtapose modern interior elements with the organic movement of the veins in a Cambria quartz surface. Flank it with built-in bookcases or display shelving so you can transform the room anytime by simply swapping out what you display there.

a modern fireplace made from white veined quartz.

Take Shape

Innovations in quartz fabrication allow for customized fireplace surrounds that can be curved or incorporate unique fluting or bookmatching.

Cambria Ella quartz bathroom vanity with tile backsplash

Down to Earth

A Cambria quartz fireplace adds natural beauty to any space with the added benefits of being scratch resistant and low maintenance.

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