The Future of Bathroom Design: Quartz Vanity Countertops

Whether you want to update an outdated bathroom to improve its aethetics, functionality, or both, a quartz vanity countertop will refresh and modernize your space.

a stunning bathroom with a floating vanity, white quart countertops and partial backsplash, two large black windows, a soaking tub, and shiplap walls.

Quartz as a Natural Wood Accent

A quartz vanity countertop is the perfect pairing for today’s popular stained wood cabinetry. Cambria’s expansive design palette offers options that capture a similar organic affinity with either subtle or movement-rich veining options. 

Maximalism Created with Quartz Fabrication

Personalize your bathrooms by experimenting with layering bold design elements like wall tile, saturated paint colors, and patterned wallpaper. Complete your vision with a custom quartz fabrication on the vanity for a look that is uniquely luxurious. 

Integrated Everything

Quartz fabrication can go a step further to include integrated features like sink and storage. Beyond the beauty of this smooth modern look is that quartz can withstand daily use in high-traffic areas like bathrooms. Unlike other materials, Cambria is extremely durable, is nonabsorbent, and resists chips, scratches, and stains.


Flip the Script 

Let your quartz vanity countertop be the showpiece in your bathroom. Whether you prefer an enduring classic look or a cutting-edge contemporary aesthetic, Cambria has a quartz design that will pair perfectly with your personal style.

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