About Cambria FAQs

Want to know more about Cambria quartz countertops? Review these top questions to learn everything from product attributes, benefits of quartz, how to purchase, and more. If you don’t find what you need below, email Cambria Customer Care or call 1-866-CAMBRIA (1-866-226-2742).

About Cambria Quartz Surfaces

What is Cambria?

Cambria is a quartz countertop and surfacing product that has a variety of uses in your home or business such as countertops, backsplashes, floor tile, vanities, fireplace surrounds, wet bars, showers, etc. Cambria consists of pure, natural quartz—one of the hardest and most common minerals on Earth—and pigments and binders. Some of our designs have the natural look and feel of granite, marble, and other quarried stones, but they all feature superior performance because of Cambria’s strength and durability. Cambria is nonabsorbent and nonporous and will not absorb food and liquids. And best of all, it is maintenance free.

How does Cambria compare to granite? 

Cambria is made from natural quartz, one of the hardest minerals on Earth, for superior durability and performance. With Cambria, you get the look and feel of granite, but with the benefit of it being nonabsorbent and maintenance free. Simply clean Cambria with warm water, a soft cotton cloth, and mild soap, if desired. Cambria is stain resistant and never needs sealing or reconditioning. 

How is Cambria different from other quartz surfaces?

We are an American company in the quartz surfaces business. Our design options are significantly different, reflecting our knowledge and responsiveness to the marketplace. Additionally, we are a family-owned company with more than 60 years of manufacturing experience.

How does Cambria’s price compare to other natural stone or solid surface competitors?

Generally, Cambria prices are comparable to granite and other stone surfaces. Our trade customers such as kitchen and bath dealers, fabricators, and contractors establish Cambria retail prices.

How big is a Cambria quartz slab?

Cambria quartz slabs come in two sizes:

  • Standard Slab: 122″ x 55.5″ (310cm x 141cm)
  • Jumbo Slab: 132″ x 65.5″ (335cm x 166cm)

Cambria quartz slabs come readily available in two thicknesses:

  • 2cm
  • 3cm

Please confirm the maximum piece size that can be produced from a slab with your fabricator or installer. 

Is Cambria seamless?

Cambria’s slab sizes differ based on the design; the use of seams will vary based on slab size and application. Check with your fabricator to understand what your application will require. Note: there may be a visible pattern and shade change at each seam.

Is Cambria a natural stone?

Cambria is made from pure natural quartz, pigments, and binders. Quartz is the extremely hard mineral that gives Cambria its strength. Our unique process results in a quartz product of uncommon elegance, style, and superior durability.

Is Cambria made or manufactured in a plant?

Our slab manufacturing facility converts natural quartz into slabs by combining quartz with a small amount of pigment and binders. Through the process, we are able to create slabs that are nonabsorbent, durable, and compact.

What range of Cambria products are available?

Cambria is an excellent surface choice for a wide variety of uses, including kitchen countertops, bathroom vanities, shower and tub surrounds, furniture tabletops and accent pieces, fireplace surrounds, desktops, wet bar areas, and window sills. Cambria surfaces are readily available in 2cm and 3cm thicknesses. There is also a selected offering of designs for custom order in 1cm thicknesses for weight-sensitive and unique applications like backlighting, thermoforming, and wall cladding. Various edge profiles can also create the appearance of a thicker slab. We invite you to explore the many ways in which Cambria can be used throughout a variety of interiors.

What are the unique benefits of Cambria quartz surfaces?

Design: We harness creative vision and industry-first innovation for the broadest and most unique design palette available.

Quality: We sustainably harvest exceptionally pure quartz to craft remarkably durable, maintenance-free products.

Service: We deliver superior service and support that exceed expectations—backed by our transferable Full Lifetime Warranty.

American Made: Our surfaces are proudly made in America, where hard work, shared values, and personal pride drive us to deliver the finest products.

Learn more about the Cambria Difference.

How many designs is Cambria available in?

Cambria is available in an expansive design palette. View our collection to see the variety of our designs.

Where can I see Cambria on display?

Cambria is available nationwide at local/regional kitchen and bath dealer showrooms, appliance centers, build/design centers, and model homes—as well as our very own Cambria galleries and slab showrooms. We work only with exclusive partners who meet premium service and installation standards.

How to Purchase Cambria

How can I purchase Cambria?

Purchasing Cambria is easy. Use our retailer locator to find a retail location near you that can provide you with an estimate for your countertop needs. Generally, you will need the dimensions of your cabinet layout, information regarding backsplash requirements, edge profile selections, and your sink and stove locations and dimensions to get an accurate estimate.

Do you need an appointment to visit a gallery or slab showroom?

Most Cambria galleries and slab showrooms do not require an appointment before visiting. However, prior to visiting, we recommend calling your desired location to ensure they accept walk-ins.

Can I work with a builder, remodeler, architect, designer, or kitchen and bath store to get Cambria for my house?

Absolutely! Just ask the builder, remodeler, architect, designer, or kitchen and bath store to use Cambria for the surfaces you desire. If they don’t already know how to get Cambria, they can call toll-free: 1-866-CAMBRIA (1-866-226-2742). We’ll introduce them to the product and put them in contact with a local fabricator or dealer. Or, use our retailer locator to find a retail location near you.

How much do Cambria quartz surfaces cost?

Generally, Cambria prices are comparable to granite and other stone surfaces. Our trade customers such as kitchen and bath dealers, fabricators, and contractors establish Cambria retail prices.

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