U.S. Bank Stadium

Minneapolis, MN

U.S. Bank Stadium needed to create a consistent aesthetic with high-performance surfaces across 14,000 square feet and multiple applications. Through the creation of 11 custom designs and featuring some of Cambria’s most beloved designs, Cambria played a key role in helping the Minnesota Vikings organization secure an important victory.

Professional Team


Cambria Designs

Annicca™ | 2cm
Ella™ | 2cm
Dunmore™ | 2cm
Armitage™ | 2cm
Oakmoor™ | 2cm
Princetown™ | 2cm
Custom Designs


Bar Top, Tabletop, Foot Rail, Flooring, Backsplash, Countertop, Cocktail Table, Side Table, Drink Rail, Hightop Table, Buffet Table

Partnerships with local companies like Cambria are invaluable to the team, fans, and the greater Minnesota community. We appreciate their genuine enthusiasm and ongoing commitment to the opening of U.S. Bank Stadium.
Steve LaCroix,
Minnesota Vikings Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer
Custom Design
Custom design
Custom design
Princetown™, Annicca™, Armitage™, Oakmoor™, Dunmore™

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