Create Drama with a Waterfall Countertop

Discover the appeal of waterfall countertops in kitchen design.

Written by:Angela Johnson
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Cambria design shown: Brittanicca Warm™

A waterfall countertop is an increasingly popular design feature in today’s kitchens and bathrooms. These spaces get the most use by homeowners and their visitors, so it makes sense to incorporate design elements that add that extra touch of durability and luxury.

What Are Waterfall Countertops?

Unlike a typical countertop that is installed over your lower cabinets and ends at the edge, a waterfall countertop is achieved by extending the countertop material over the edge and down to the floor—creating a dramatic effect.

Modern kitchen with blue cabinets and hanging light fixtures with Charlestown quartz countertops and backsplash

Cambria design shown: Charlestown™

Keep reading to learn more about this quartz countertop trend and find some inspiration for your next kitchen or bathroom remodeling project.

You can add this effect at either or both ends of your kitchen island or at the end of a peninsula depending on your kitchen layout. For even more drama, you can clad the entire front of your kitchen island in the same surface material as your countertop. This continuous flow of surface material creates a visually sleek and seamless appearance that is incredibly luxe.

Why Include a Waterfall Countertop?

This aesthetic appeal is a primary reason why homeowners are in love with waterfall countertops. They add sophistication while tying together a room’s various design elements. Plus, when you find a surface material and design you love, like Cambria quartz, a waterfall edge provides a great way to further showcase the beauty and quality of your material and design selection. The seemingly uninterrupted pattern and colors of a waterfall edge profile elevate the overall appearance of your space.

For those who especially love a more modern kitchen design vibe, a waterfall countertop, with clean lines, makes a boldly modern statement. The effect can look equally amazing in transitional spaces, but maybe less so in a more traditional kitchen.

A bright white kitchen with an Inverness Swansea quartz waterfall island countertop

Cambria design shown: Inverness Swansea™

Waterfall Countertops Come in Many Shapes & Sizes

However, with the right professional, Cambria quartz surfaces can be fabricated beyond a basic waterfall effect to suit virtually any design style through a variety of increasingly popular fabrication techniques, from fluting to framed panels on the vertical exteriors of your base cabinetry. Quartz countertops, including waterfall countertops, can be customized to fit a specific design and layout. You can choose the design, finish, and edge profile that best suits your personal preferences and style.

Unique Cambria Bentley kitchen waterfall kitchen island

Cambria design shown: Bentley™

Waterfall Countertops Have Many Benefits

Durability is another reason to splurge on a waterfall edge countertop. The effect provides additional protection against wear and tear in high-traffic areas like kitchens and bathrooms. And since maintenance-free Cambria quartz surfaces are scratch, chip, and stain resistant and are easy to clean with just a little warm water, soft cotton cloth, and mild soap, if desired, they’re an ideal material for creating a waterfall effect in these busy areas of your home.

Lastly, high-end features like a waterfall countertop can also increase the perceived value of a home, potentially leading to a higher resale value. Many homebuyers appreciate well-designed and visually appealing kitchens and bathrooms. That said, it’s worth noting that while waterfall edge countertops offer many benefits, they are likely considered a higher-end installation compared to traditional countertops. So, be sure to carefully consider your budget, design preferences, and long-term goals when deciding whether to incorporate a waterfall countertop into your kitchen design.

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