The Future of Bathroom Design: Quartz Vanity Countertops

Quartz bathroom vanities are the ultimate blend of style and functionality.

Written by:Angela Johnson
brittanicca quartz vanity top

Double bathroom vanities showcasing natural woods, fluted detailing, metallic trim and fixtures, and luxurious quartz countertops. Cambria design shown: Brittanicca™

Whether you want to update an outdated bathroom to improve its aesthetics, functionality, or both, a quartz vanity countertop will refresh and modernize your space with the added benefits of being durable and maintenance free. And since your vanity countertop is often the most visible and most used item in your bathroom, it’s important to make a smart selection of a vanity countertop surface. So let’s explore a few bathroom vanity design trends and how Cambria quartz surfaces hit the marks for not only beauty and durability, but also innovation and stunning stylishness.

Quartz as a Natural Wood Accent

If you’ve spent more than five minutes scrolling through inspiration on social media, you’ve surely noticed that natural wood finishes are having a moment. Organic materials such as wood give a sense of warmth, texture, and a connection to nature. Wood cabinetry also alludes to the vanity being a furniture piece that can impart unique character into the space or provide a unifying element to stylings in other parts of the home. A quartz vanity countertop is the perfect pairing for a wood cabinet base. Cambria’s quartz designs capture a similar organic affinity with either subtle (below) or movement-rich (above) veining. There are also several colorways available in Cambria’s design palette so you can select a surface that either complements or contrasts with the finish of any naturally stained or painted wood vanity base.

Vessel sinks work well with wall-mounted fixtures to provide the most ease of use and available vanity countertop surface. Cambria design shown: Ridgegate™

Maximalism Created with Quartz Fabrication

A bathroom can work well as a canvas for expressing a more dramatic design style. You can experiment with layering bold tile treatments or patterned wallpaper with a bathroom vanity that has its own unique design elements. Below left, a vanity drenched in a deep green paint color incorporates textured drawer fronts and a custom-fabricated quartz countertop—complementary pieces that when accessorized with gold drawer pulls and faucet fixtures, complete a picture of luxury that is maximal but not excessive.

The fluting effect popular in wood pieces can also be created with quartz. Below right, a custom-fabricated quartz bathroom vanity blends the visual elements of soft gray veining with a fluting effect similar to a bead board—adding dimension and prominent interest that’s understated enough to share the stage with a bold floral wallcovering. 


 Cambria design shown: Ainsley™ in Cambria Matte®

gladstone bathroom vanity

Cambria design shown: Gladstone™

Integrated Everything

It’s clear that quartz makes a beautiful bathroom vanity top. You’ve also seen how quartz can add even more visual interest when fabricated to be the entire vanity. Take quartz a step further, with a fabricated bathroom vanity that includes the functionality of integrated storage. Below, a saturated blue bathroom is home to a quartz vanity with an integrated sink and drawers—a modern statement quartz piece that chromatically complements the wall color with its threads of mellow dove gray veining against a cloudy marbled backdrop.

Bonus benefits of quartz vanity countertops: The smooth modern luxury of this look withstands daily use in high-traffic areas like bathrooms and is also easy to care for. Because unlike many other materials, Cambria is extremely durable; resists chips, scratches, and stains; and is nonabsorbent. It never requires sealing, polishing, or reconditioning. Just use a little warm water, soft cotton cloth, and mild soap, if desired.

ella quartz bathroom vanity modern
ella bathroom flooring and vanity

A modern take on the simplicity of art deco design showcases the use of color, symmetry with bold shapes, and luxury materials like quartz. Cambria design shown: Ella™

Flip the Script

There is no rule against letting your quartz vanity countertop be the showpiece in your bathroom. The impressive Cambria design palette includes unique quartz colors and intricate details to suit every aesthetic from enduring classics to cutting-edge contemporary designs. In the space below, a simple black and white bathroom derives all of its luxury from the quartz vanity that is intersected with bold, translucent black and charcoal veins and muted light gray spatters and cross veins dispersed throughout. A fabricated quartz lower vanity shelf offers integrated storage while maintaining the minimalist modern style of the space. The natural movement of the quartz veining along with small touches of wood and greenery in this bathroom draw in just enough nature to keep the space from feeling too sterile. It’s bold yet perfectly balanced.


Cambria design shown: Bentley™

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