6 Laundry Room Ideas Featuring Quartz Countertops

a blue and white themed laundry room featuring Cambria Ella quartz countertops, shelving, and a dog shower with a gorgeous blue mountain mural on the wall.

If you are planning a utility room remodel, the laundry room countertop is a great place to start. Because they’re associated with one (not-so-favorite) household task, laundry rooms don’t always get the design love they deserve. But your home is a reflection of your personal style, and a thoughtful laundry room design can streamline your space and might just brighten your mood.

We’ve gathered up six laundry room ideas that are as beautiful as they are functional. While the aesthetics are distinct, each shares a key element in common: Cambria quartz countertops. See why this hardworking quartz surface is the smart and stylish choice for your laundry room countertop and find the perfect design idea to suit your laundry day style.

Why is Cambria the best countertop for a laundry room?

More durable than granite or marble, Cambria quartz surfaces offer stunning stone beauty along with benefits other surfaces can’t match. Cambria is nonabsorbent, meaning it never absorbs water or harmful bacteria—making it a hygienic and worry-free surface for a space that houses your dirty laundry. It’s also scratch and stain resistant, maintenance free, and EASY TO CLEAN. Learn more about SELECTING THE PERFECT COUNTERTOP for any space.

Compare Cambria quartz vs. marble vs. granite countertops.

Beautiful laundry room countertop ideas for every style

Whether you aim for opulence or seek simplicity, one of these laundry room designs is sure to spark inspiration for your space.

1. Dog-friendly laundry room with blue wallpaper and Ella quartz countertops

Designer Dina Bandman dubbed this multipurpose space “Laundering in the Lap of Luxury,” and it’s easy to see why. Sleek appliances are hidden in plain sight, with a hand-painted delft blue de Gournay wallpaper landscape and marble-like Cambria ELLA stealing the show. The space showcases the versatility of Cambria quartz surfaces, with four shelves crafted from Ella to complement the countertops down to the EDGE PROFILE. A dog wash station featuring deep blue subway tile, Ella ledges, and a Kohler hand shower offers posh puppy spa vibes and at-home convenience.

Opt for a look like this if: You want laundry to be secondary to a stunning space.

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a Cambria Quartz Ella design detail slab.

Cambria Ella design detail.

Luxe blue and white laundry room featuring Ella™ countertops, shelving, and dog shower.

a blue and white themed laundry room featuring Cambria Ella quartz countertops, shelving, and two built-in laundry hampers with a geometric tile backsplash.

Design by DINA BANDMAN Interiors for the San Francisco Decorator Showcase. Photo by Christopher Stark.

2. Sophisticated, streamlined gray laundry room countertops featuring Brittanicca

This space puts function at the forefront without sacrificing style. A BRITTANICCA-topped laundry room island offers plenty of space to sort and fold with built-in drying racks for delicates. Other conveniences in the laundry room island include a pull-out ironing board and basket-lined cubbies. Dark gray cabinetry offers crowd-pleasing contrast and ample storage options for a stylish and smart space. Opt for a look like this if: "Organization" is your middle name—or you’d like it to be. See more: See why this space and others were among our MOST-LIKED ON INSTAGRAM.
a Cambria Quartz Brittanicca design detail slab.

Cambria Brittanicca design detail.

a gray laundry room with a washer and dryer and a center island topped with Cambria Brittanicca quartz countetops.

Gray laundry room with Cambria Brittanicca™ island and countertops.

a gray laundry room with a center island topped with Cambria Brittanicca quartz countetops and open shelving to hang clothes.

Photos by Steve Henke.

3. White laundry room Design with Brittanicca countertops and dreamy wallpaper

Rich texture and pattern elevate this everyday space into a dreamy escape. Cloud-print Cole & Son wallpaper brings the outdoors in, complemented by the sweeping gray veining and marble-like white backdrop of the laundry room's BRITTANICCA’S countertops. A dark vintage kilim rug adds comfort and contrast, accented with MATTE BLACK HARDWARE AND ACCENTS.

Opt for a look like this if: You crave cozy vibes and a space to daydream.

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a glistening white laundry room with white countertops, Cambria Brittanicca quartz countertops, open wooden shleving, a sink, and lots of storage space.

Dreamy pattern-filled laundry room design featuring Brittanicca countertops. Space by JACLYN PETERS DESIGN. Photo by ARIANA TENNYSON.

4. Cheery and bright laundry room ideas with Ella countertops

These sunny spaces pair ELLA countertops with vibrant and playful patterns, a perfect way to brighten spaces lacking natural light. We love these ideas for laundry rooms that are linked to basement rec rooms, play areas, or kids’ bedrooms.

Opt for looks like these if: You need more “cheer” with your “chore.”

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a cheerful laundry room with yellow wallpaper, Cambria Ella quartz countertops, open shelving, and a washer and dryer.

Laundry room design featuring Ella countertops and cheery wallpaper.

a grayand white laundry room with stacked appliances, gray countertops, striped wallpaper, and a center island topped with Cambria Ella quartz countertops.

Home by JOHN KRAEMER & SONS and J. KORSBON DESIGNS for the ASID Minnesota Showcase Home.

5. Chic laundry room with bold florals, rich color, and Swanbridge countertops

This lovely space features SWANBRIDGE laundry room countertops, hunter green cabinetry, and lush floral wallpaper. The large-scale florals in muted tones offer just the right amount of boldness, paired with pristine white quartz countertops with subtle gray marbled movement. We love DARK GREEN CABINETS FOR KITCHENS, and the hue feels just as fresh and inviting here.

Opt for a look like this if: You want patterns and colors that play as well on the runway as they do in a home.

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a laundry room with hunter green cabinetry, lush pink, cream, and green floral wallpaper, topped with cambria Swanbridge quartz countertops.

Space by AFT CONSTRUCTION and E. INTERIORS. Photo by High Res Media.

a Cambria Quartz Swanbridge design detail slab.

Cambria Swanbridge™ design detail.

6. Soft, neutral laundry room ideas with white quartz countertops

These laundry room designs offer gorgeous neutral tones and timeless appeal. A space with soft tones and minimal ornamentation provides the perfect blank canvas to focus and tackle the task at hand. WHITE CLIFF is an ideal laundry room countertop for a crisp, clean space, while SWANBRIDGE pairs well with warm greige cabinetry for a palette that’s both current and classic.

Opt for looks like these if: You want your laundry room to feel as crisp and clean as fresh linens.

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a Cambria Quartz White Cliff design detail slab.

Cambria White Cliff design detail.

a crisp white laundry room with Cambria Quartz White Cliff countertops, white cabinetry, open wood shelving, and a black sink.

Crisp, white laundry room design with White Cliff™ countertops. Space by SUSTAINABLE 9 and STUDIO GREY DESIGN. Photo by Anne Sage.

a greige laundry and utility room with Cambria Quartz Swanbridge countertops and plenty of space to hang and store clothing.

Greige laundry and utility room featuring Swanbridge countertops. Space by SOPHIE PATERSON INTERIORS.

Ready to freshen up your laundry day routine with a gorgeous and functional space? Pin your favorite laundry room ideas and Cambria quartz designs. When you’re ready to start your project, bring your ideas to a CAMBRIA DEALER NEAR YOU. Be sure to ask your dealer about backsplashes, shelving, dog washes, and more for a truly custom space.