Blue Kitchen Ideas for a Dream Kitchen—Navy, Cobalt & More

Cambria shares 22 blue kitchen ideas of various shades to inspire your next kitchen project.

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Photograph of a kitchen with a large island with navy blue sides and cupboards and a gray matte countertop.

Cambria design shown: Brittanicca™

Blue kitchen ideas offer effortless sophistication and a versatile range of shades. Hues like navy and blue-gray can function as a neutral while cobalt, turquoise, and other blues make a bold statement. We’ve curated some of the best blue kitchens we’ve seen showcasing a variety of pairings, from blue cabinets and kitchen islands to blue quartz countertops and colorful appliances. Whether you’re envisioning a chic, high-contrast palette or a subtle pop of color, these beautiful blue kitchen ideas are sure to inspire.

Navy Kitchen Ideas

Navy blue kitchen ideas provide elegant options for many kitchen styles. Navy cabinets provide a softer neutral than black to pair with marble-look white quartz countertops for a crisp, clean look.

Navy and Gray Kitchen with Torquay Matte Countertops

This beach cottage kitchen is an Instagram favorite for good reason. Rich navy blue kitchen cabinets and open shelving (Cosmos, Waterworks) pair with Torquay Matte™ countertops for chic contrast and refined coastal style. Along with the Cambria Matte® finish countertops, a pale gray peninsula (Decoy, Waterworks) and oak flooring add to the airy feel. See the transformation of this blue kitchen reno from Will Taylor in our before-and-after story.

Photograph of navy and gray kitchen containing an island with a Torquay Matte countertop.
Photograph of a post-renovation kitchen with a Torquay Matte countertop.

Kitchen featuring navy blue cabinets and Torquay Matte countertops from Will Taylor of Bright Bazaar.

Detailed view of Cambria Torquay™ quartz countertop design

Torquay Matte design detail.

Navy Blue and White Kitchen with Ella Countertops

Classic and elegant, this modern farmhouse kitchen pairs navy blue lower cabinets with Ella™ quartz countertops, accented by brass pendants, greige subway tile, and oak flooring. White upper cabinets and a peninsula layout open up the space.

Photograph of a kitchen with navy blue lower cabinets, focused on the kitchen's island.
A Torquay Matte countertop design in the corner of the kitchen.

Kitchen featuring Ella quartz countertops and two-toned navy and white cabinets. Space by Giuliano Designs and Nicolette’s For The Home.

Detailed view of Cambria Ella™ quartz countertop design

Ella design detail.

Navy Kitchen with Portrush Quartz Countertops

Cambria’s Portrush™ quartz countertop design packs a punch in this charming modern farmhouse kitchen, pairing well with navy blue cabinets and sleek, gold hardware. Portrush features bold navy, gray, and black veins accompanied by finespun filaments and gleaming gold flakes.

Cambria Portrush countertops in a charming kitchen.

Portrush in a fresh, farmhouse kitchen.

Detailed view of Cambria Portrush™ quartz countertop design

Portrush design detail.

Navy Kitchen with Ella Quartz Countertops

Marbled grayish-white Ella countertops pair with a navy blue kitchen island and complementary cabinetry (Anthracite, AyA Kitchens) for a contemporary look that’s polished and inviting. See more of the dark blue and white kitchen from Linnea Lions.

Navy and white kitchen featuring Ella countertops by Linnea Lions.
Navy and white kitchen featuring Ella countertops by Linnea Lions.

Navy and white kitchen featuring Ella countertops by Linnea Lions. Photo by Vincent Lions.

Navy Kitchen with Weybourne Countertops

This chic navy blue and white kitchen remodel features soft white marble-like Cambria Weybourne™ quartz countertops in a waterfall edge for exceptional durability. Navy blue lower cabinetry (Colonial Blue, Kitchen Magic) and white upper cabinets complete the two-toned kitchen look.

Cambria Waybourne quartz kitchen countertops in 'after' photo of kitchen countertop update.

Navy and white kitchen remodel featuring Weybourne countertops by Kitchen Magic.

Detailed view of Cambria Weybourne quartz countertop design

Weybourne design detail.

Peacock Blue Kitchen Ideas

Peacock, dark teal, or marine blue cabinets offer a vibrant, statement-making hue. We love these fresh spaces that embrace this rich shade and showcase the high-contrast trend with contemporary palettes.

Blue and White Kitchen with Brittanicca Matte Countertops

This breathtaking blue and white kitchen from Jean Stoffer Design pairs a peacock blue kitchen island and cabinets with Brittanicca Matte™ countertops and backsplash. The rich teal shade (Newburg Green, Benjamin Moore) takes on a bluish tint in a light-filled room while the low-sheen Cambria Matte finish countertops minimize glare. The quartz backsplash creates a focal point and conceals a walnut spice rack. Natural wood beams, a black range hood, and contemporary brass accents complete the relaxed glam vibe.

Photograph of kitchen focused on space between island and countertop facing wall.
Cambria Brittanicca quartz kitchen countertops and backsplash

Blue and white kitchen featuring Brittanicca Matte from Jean Stoffer Design and Kenowa Builders. Photo by Stoffer Photography Interiors.

Detailed view of Cambria Brittanicca™ quartz countertop design

Brittanicca Matte design detail.

Two-Toned Blue and White Kitchen with White Cliff Matte Countertops

Every detail delights in this two-toned blue kitchen from Orlando SoriaWhite Cliff Matte™ countertops, made of pure white quartz, offer the perfect contrast to a peacock-blue kitchen island (Olympus, Benjamin Moore) and geometric sky-blue backsplash tile (Crater Lake, Fireclay Tile). See more of Orlando Soria parents’ kitchen remodel on his blog.

Blue and white kitchen featuring White Cliff Matte from Orlando Soria.

Blue and white kitchen featuring White Cliff Matte from Orlando Soria.

Detailed view of Cambria White Cliff™ quartz countertop design

White Cliff Matte design detail.

Blue and Black Kitchen with Swanbridge Countertops

We love how this kitchen pairs the trend of dark and moody tones like deep blue and black with crisp Swanbridge™ quartz countertops and white cabinets for a bright and balanced space. A marine blue island pops amid a textured black chevron-tile backsplash, range hood, and matte black stools.

Blue, black, and white kitchen featuring Swanbridge from Haven Builders.

Blue, black, and white kitchen featuring Swanbridge quartz countertops from Haven Builders. Photo by Elaine Mark.

Detailed view of Cambria Swanbridge quartz countertop design.

Swanbridge design detail.

Blue-Gray Kitchen Ideas

These kitchens take a twist on the gray kitchen trend by infusing blue tonality with soft blue-grays or rich slate blues. Versatile and crowd-pleasing, these are ideal blue shades to choose if you’re updating your kitchen to sell your home.

Slate Blue Cabinets Paired with Copper and Swanbridge

This blue and white kitchen features marble-look Swanbridge quartz countertops, white wood beam supports, and a herringbone backsplash. The rich slate blue cabinets, kitchen island, and range hood pair beautifully with copper, a trending metal accent for kitchens.

Slate blue and white kitchen featuring Swanbridge by Majestic Cabinets.

Slate blue and white kitchen featuring Swanbridge by Majestic Cabinets.

Blue and White Kitchen with Brittanicca Warm Matte Countertops

This white kitchen infuses warmth and movement with Brittanicca Warm Matte™ countertops and features a pop of color in the blue kitchen island (Dress Blues, Sherwin-Williams). The flowing movement of the white quartz countertop is extended into the backsplash for a stunning focal point. Discover more spaces and pairing ideas in our spotlight on Brittanicca, Brittanicca Warm, and Brittanicca Gold Warm™ countertops.

White and blue kitchen featuring Brittanicca Warm Matte from THE HIP SUBURBAN.

White and blue kitchen featuring Brittanicca Warm Matte from The Hip Suburban.

Detailed view of Cambria Brittanicca Warm™ quartz countertop design

Brittanicca Warm Matte design detail.

Blue-Gray Kitchen Island with Summerhill Countertops

A spacious island with Summerhill™, a durable alternative to granite countertops, and the gray-blue kitchen island and cabinets (Gentleman’s Gray by Benjamin Moore) make for a stunning open kitchen, complemented by built-in blue shelving in the great room’s living area. See more of the kitchen in our Summerhill Design Spotlight.

Open kitchen, dining, and living area with Summerhill quartz island kitchen countertops

Blue-gray kitchen island with Summerhill countertops from John Kraemer & Sons and InUnison Design.

Detailed view of Cambria Summerhill™ quartz countertop design

Summerhill design detail.

Hamptons-Style Blue and White Kitchen with Brittanicca Countertops

This Hamptons-inspired kitchen offers subdued coastal style with Brittanicca quartz countertops and a gray-tinged, pale blue kitchen island (Gray Timber Wolf, Benjamin Moore) amid crisp white cabinetry and warm oak flooring.

White kitchen with light blue-gray island and Brittanicca countertops.

White kitchen with light blue-gray island and Brittanicca countertops. Space by Martha O’Hara InteriorsSwan Architecture, and Great Neighborhood Homes.

Cobalt Blue Kitchen Ideas

Vibrant cobalt blue is a cheery and bold choice for kitchen cabinets, ensuring a space that’s full of personality. Contrasting white Cambria quartz countertops are the perfect complement to balance the statement shade.

Cobalt Blue and White Kitchen with White Cliff Countertops

Rich cobalt blue cabinetry paired with White Cliff countertops and striped wallpaper creates a vivid, pattern-happy palette in this kitchen designed by Mark D. Sikes.

Vibrant cobalt cabinets pair with Cambria White Cliff in the 2017 COASTAL LIVING Idea House kitchen.

Vibrant cobalt cabinets pair with Cambria White Cliff in the 2017 Coastal Living Idea House kitchen. Space by Mark D. Sikes and photo by Amy Neunsinger.

Tiny Home Kitchen with Blue Cabinets and Ella Countertops

This tiny home kitchen by Movable Roots travels with style and substance. Pairing with bold blue cabinetry, the easy-clean Ella countertops help make the most of a small space.

Tiny home kitchen with cobalt blue cabinets, Cambria Ella countertops, and white shiplap ceiling and walls.

Tiny home kitchen with cobalt blue cabinets, Cambria Ella countertops, and white shiplap ceiling and walls. Space by Movable Roots.

Coastal Blue Kitchen Ideas

Sea-blue shades like aqua, teal, and turquoise are at home in a coastal kitchen with vacation vibes. These kitchens feature Cambria countertops with blue and beach-sand tones to complement light blue cabinetry for distinctive coastal style.

White and Pale Blue Kitchen with Montgomery Countertops

Pops of blue and Montgomery™ quartz countertops add coastal flair to this traditional white farmhouse kitchen. With sea blue and beige swirls on a creamy white backdrop, Cambria Montgomery is the perfect complement to the turquoise blue backsplash and pale blue barn door and kitchen island. See more quartz kitchen island ideas to add dimension and contrast to your space.

White kitchen with pale blue island featuring Cambria Montgomery.

White kitchen with pale blue island featuring Cambria Montgomery.

Turquoise Kitchen Island with Kelvingrove Countertops

This open-concept kitchen brings in the beauty of the ocean with a turquoise kitchen island and Cambria Kelvingrove™. With sea-blue swirls and soothing sandy tones, this quartz countertop design is perfect for bringing a coastal color palette to life. See more of the space in our coastal kitchens roundup.

Turquoise kitchen island with Kelvingrove countertops.

Turquoise kitchen island with Kelvingrove countertops. Space by Kitchenscapes and photo by Tony Thagard.

Detailed view of Cambria Kelvingrove quartz countertop design.
Detailed view of Cambria Montgomery quartz countertop design.

Kelvingrove (left) and Montgomery (right) are gorgeous countertops to pair with turquoise, teal, and other ocean blues for coastal kitchens.

Kitchen Ideas with Blue Quartz Countertops

While most blue kitchens rely on the cabinets to contribute the color, making a statement with a blue quartz countertop is an elegant way to set your space apart. These kitchens feature blue Cambria countertops for quartz beauty with uncompromising durability.

White and Blue Kitchen with Parys Countertops

A dark grayish blue Parys™ kitchen island countertop is a stunning focal point in this kitchen, offering depth, contrast, and subtle shimmer. The white Swanbridge countertops on the perimeter feature charcoal gray veining that complements the sophisticated blue quartz countertop design. Gray walls and backsplash tile complete the look. See the kitchen remodels before and after from Kitchen Magic. See Parys countertops in this contemporary gallery kitchen for another style with this design.

Dark blue kitchen island featuring Cambria Parys paired with a Swanbridge perimeter.

Dark blue kitchen island featuring Cambria Parys paired with a Swanbridge perimeter. Space by Kitchen Magic and photo by Andy Ryan.

Order a sample to find the ideal hue of blue quartz countertops for your kitchen.

Ideas for Kitchens with Blue Accents

Not sure if you’re ready to commit to a blue kitchen, or just prefer smaller doses of color? Blue accents like tile, light fixtures, seating, and even appliances can be an easy and affordable way to experiment with the hue or add a vibrant pop.

Modern Kitchen with Inverness Gold Quartz Countertops and Blue Backsplash Tile

Create a light and airy modern kitchen that still has character and a pop of color. The seemingly molten gold veins of Inverness Gold™ fracture a cool white canvas with vibrant intensity. The veins are debossed to contrast with the smooth surface, creating a wonderfully organic design with a gently textured appeal. The gold in the countertops pairs perfectly with the cabinet hardware and is a complementary choice for the glazed Zellige blue tile backsplash.


The textured gold veining of Inverness Gold countertops lend a sense of organic softness to this modern kitchen when paired with watery blue tile. Space by Eurodale Design + Build. Photo by Valerie Wilcox.

Transitional Kitchen with Berwyn Countertops and Blue Backsplash Tile

This kitchen pairs Berwyn™ quartz countertops with dark wood and white cabinetry. A double waterfall-edge island showcases the intriguing tones and textures of this maintenance-free granite alternative. A blue backsplash of matte, glass tile provides contemporary contrast and color in this sleek space.

Transitional kitchen with Berwyn countertops and matte blue subway tile.

Transitional kitchen with Berwyn countertops and matte blue subway tile. Space by Timeline Design+Build.

Detailed view of Cambria Berwyn quartz countertop

Berwyn design detail.

White Kitchen with Brittanicca Countertops and Light Blue Range

Sometimes the perfect pop of color can come from an artfully selected appliance. The colorful appliance trend is on the rise and this blue and white kitchen proves why. Brittanicca quartz countertops paired with a baby blue oven range from Lacanche create flawless kitchen glamour.

White kitchen with Brittanicca countertops and light blue range.

White kitchen with Brittanicca quartz countertops and light blue range. Space by Credentialless.

Gray Kitchen with Berywn Matte Countertops and Blue Appliances

This gray kitchen from Nixon Pack makes a statement with Berwyn Matte quartz countertops and cobalt blue appliances. The pop of bold blue pairs well with the heathery gray and silver tones of the granite alternative countertop. See another blue space from the Nixon Pack team in our blue bathroom roundup.

Gray kitchen featuring blue appliances and Berwyn Matte countertops focused on stove.
Gray kitchen featuring blue appliances and Berwyn Matte countertops focused on refrigerator.

Gray kitchen featuring blue appliances and Berwyn Matte™ quartz countertops. Space by Nixon Pack.

Weathered Wood Kitchen Island with Brittanicca and Blue Stools

Blue kitchen island stools bring in a pop of coastal color at this spacious kitchen island featuring Brittanicca quartz countertops and weathered wood cabinetry. See more wood and white kitchen ideas.

Weathered wood and Brittanicca kitchen island and backsplash with blue stools.

Weathered wood and Brittanicca kitchen island and backsplash with blue stools. Space by EL Design Studio.

White Kitchen with Swanbridge Countertops and Matte Blue Pendant Lights

Kitchen island lighting is an unexpected but high-impact place to showcase a pop of blue.

Matte blue pendant lights, Swanbridge quartz countertops, white shaker cabinets, and a plaid pearl tile backsplash pair up for refined coastal style in this bright and airy kitchen from Bria Hammel Interiors. Find out Bria Hammel’s principles for creating a beautiful, functional kitchen in her guest blog. See another space with a pop of blue pendant lights in our kitchen island roundup.

White kitchen with matte blue light fixtures and Swanbridge countertops.

White kitchen with matte blue light fixtures and Swanbridge countertops. Space by Bria Hammel Interiors and Divine Custom Homes. Photo by Spacecrafting.

Bring Your Colorful Kitchen Plans to Life

Are you swooning over a certain blue kitchen idea? Pull together your moodboard by ordering samples of the Cambria countertops featured in your favorite looks. Get in touch with a dealer near you when you’re ready to start your project.

Considering other kitchen colors? Take a look at our ideas for kitchens with green cabinets and advice for designing a gray kitchen.


[Updated on 12/05/2023]

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