Our Best Elevated Retail Design and Quartz Countertop Displays

A retail experience, from the store design to the service, conveys as much about a brand as its product line. A beautiful retail design can entice customers into a space and encourage them to browse, linger, and explore. But high-traffic areas like retail spaces require much more than a beautiful façade to showcase products. For a timeless space, seek out materials that can keep up with heavy traffic and changing displays. Made from natural quartz, Cambria maintains its beauty over time and provides a durable surface ideal for any retail store design or shopping experience.

Benefits of quartz for countertop displays

With Cambria’s vast and innovative portfolio of stunning quartz designs, there’s an option for every retail design aesthetic, from soft white, marble-like styles to high-contrast designs with bold movement. Cambria’s advanced fabrication techniques allow for custom retail displays, such as waterfall-edge islands and cash-wrap stations, sculptural tables, floating shelves, sleek benches, and more.

Unlike marble and other stones, Cambria resists scratching and staining to keep it looking launch-day flawless for the lifetime of the space. Cambria is also completely nonabsorbent so it won’t draw in moisture or absorb spills if a customer sets down a coffee cup or water bottle. As the only quartz product backed by a transferable Full Lifetime Warranty, Cambria is well-suited for resilient design projects and high-traffic spaces. Learn more about Cambria’s product performance.

We’ve rounded up some of our favorite retail spaces featuring Cambria to inspire your next project.

A flagship store with statement style

A combined retail and studio space, Love Your Melon’s flagship store is a captivating mix of old meets new. A clean white palette creates a creative, blank-slate vibe with a statement beanie wall against mirrored panels and blonde brick. A Skara Brae bench extends the length of the beanie wall and breaks up the stark white with translucent taupe and olive veining. “It captures your attention right when you walk in,” says founder Zachary Quinn in Cambria Style.

A Skara Brae™ bench anchors the Love Your Melon beanie display in style.

The striking marble-alternative quartz design is featured throughout the space for a fresh contemporary look, pairing with mosaic tile in the kitchenette. “We were persistent about sticking to gray tones, white, and brushed silver,” notes Quinn. “The products we bring into that then speak for themselves.” Find out more about the company and flagship store design in Cambria Style and see the Love Your Melon upstairs bar and other spaces in our Skara Brae design spotlight.

Skara Brae™ countertops showcase captivating movement in the Love Your Melon flagship store kitchenette.

Pop-up retail store design with black quartz countertops

Lifestyle brand goop featured Cambria Black countertops in its first-ever launch of pop-up retail experiences. The moody black quartz design in a high gloss finish was the perfect contrasting element to anchor the soft neutral palettes in goop’s Dallas and Aspen pop-ups. Although temporary installations, each store showcased a retail design on par with a longstanding brick-and-mortar boutique. Each pop-up was tailored to the space and featured culinary, décor, apparel, and wellness products curated for each city.

Nonabsorbent Cambria was an ideal surface for a beauty counter and bar top in the Dallas pop-up, providing hygienic and easy-clean surfaces for guests to sample products and sip margaritas. Makeup, drinks, and other spills on Cambria can easily be wiped away without worry of staining, keeping retail displays pristine no matter the foot traffic.

A Cambria Black™ beauty counter creates an inviting space to sample products in goop’s Dallas pop-up. Space designed by: Kate McCollough and Max Zinser of KMZ New York. Photo: Stephen Karlisch.

The Austin outpost for goop inhabited a chalet space for a summer residence. A Cambria Black island created a beautiful display and checkout area. One of the retail products featured at the goop pop-ups was Cambria cheeseboards, a sustainable décor item handcrafted from remaining quartz material from Cambria countertops.

An island topped with Cambria Black creates a chic display area at goop’s Aspen pop-up. Space designed by: Kate McCollough and Max Zinser of KMZ New York. Photo: James Stenson.

Inspired by these Insta-worthy shopping spaces? If you are interested in hosting a retail pop-up with Cambria, please call 1-866-CAMBRIA (1-866-226-2742) and ask to be put in touch with the director of retail.

Retail design with a handcrafted, locally made focus

Cambria is the perfect fit for Rose and Loon, a store featuring locally made goods, artisan wares, and workshops with makers from around the region. Durable Cambria tabletops allow makers and students to focus on creating rather than worry about scratches or stains from their supplies. Featuring black marble-like movement, Rose Bay combines with a wood base for a cutting-edge look that inspires creativity. See more ideas for mixed-material furniture pieces featuring Cambria.

Mirrors highlight the mesmerizing movement of the Rose Bay™ tables and give participants a clear view during workshops.

Waterfall-edge Montgomery™ countertops pair with blonde wood tones for an inviting cash-wrap station.

Rose Bay also makes a beautiful backdrop for jewelry and home décor products in these boutique tables. The quartz-topped tables can be easily rearranged for flexible retail display options.

Rose Bay tables carry a black-and-white design motif throughout the store and allow for flexible retail displays. Location: Rose and Loon.

Rose Bay also makes a beautiful backdrop for jewelry and home décor products in these boutique tables. The quartz-topped tables can be easily rearranged for flexible retail display options.

 Rose Bay tables and Montgomery countertops offer natural quartz beauty.

Beauty store design with white quartz tables

Featuring at-home hair color kits and other salon-worthy beauty products, dpHue’s flagship Color Bar requires a nonabsorbent, stain resistant surface that doesn’t sacrifice style. Cambria Newport tables offer the perfect soft white canvas for product sampling and color consults in the dye-rich environment. With easy-clean Cambria countertops, the retail stations can stay pristine for every guest. The rounded indentations of the tables showcase Cambria’s custom fabrication, creating four individual stations within the same table for an efficient use of space. In addition, when dpHue had to move to a new location, the durability of Cambria enabled the tables to move to the new space with ease.

Custom-fabricated Newport™ tables at dpHue provide a stylish spot to sample products without worry of staining.

Retail shopping area design with quartz fountain

Larger retail spaces like shopping malls can also benefit from the beauty and performance of Cambria, creating elegant common areas and a united design motif in a larger space. The Galleria elevates a lower-level stairway space with a striking marble-look quartz fountain featuring Cambria Brittanicca. With waterfall edges in more ways than one, the fountain creates a contemporary focal point and offers an intriguing backdrop of gray veins beneath the flowing water. Brittanicca-wrapped pillars extend the beauty of the open space with a cohesive look and captivating views from every angle.

 A Brittanicca™ fountain and coordinating pillar wraps elevate a common area at the Galleria.

Retail centers with restaurants, food halls, and other dining spaces can maintain a common design thread by featuring Cambria as tables, bars, counter areas, and more. Learn about how Cambria designs like Brittanicca provide a stylish, food-safe marble aesthetic in hospitality spaces.

Create your retail design with Cambria

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