Blackstone Granite & Marble: A Family’s Journey from Humble Beginnings to Industry Leadership

Written by: Kathy Jalivay

Blackstone Granite & Marble

In 2011, Samuel Goncalves and his father Marlucio started their modest fabrication business in San Diego, CA, with a 1,400-square-foot shop and today have grown their business into Blackstone Granite & Marble with a thriving 14,000-square-foot facility. This remarkable growth was driven by a combination of visionary leadership, commitment to quality, and collaborative family effort.

Marlucio, a former civil engineer from Brazil, brought a forward-thinking mentality to the business. His relentless drive to expand and innovate laid the groundwork for Blackstone’s success. Samuel, equipped with a background in business management, balanced his father’s ambition with a cautious approach to financial growth, ensuring that expansion did not compromise the quality of their work.

Blackstone Granite & Marble

From the outset, the Goncalves family understood the importance of combining their strengths. Samuel's sister Ana Stasiak, his brother-in-law Amadeusz Stasiak, and Marlucio's wife Silvia all played crucial roles in the company's development. Together, they created a cohesive team that handled everything from daily operations to strategic planning. Samuel's brother Asafe managed scheduling, ensuring that projects stayed on track and met client expectations.

A significant turning point for Blackstone came in 2012 when a representative from Cambria introduced them to Cambria’s quartz products. The team was immediately impressed by the quality and beauty of Cambria’s designs, setting the stage for a long-lasting partnership. This collaboration was marked by mutual respect and a shared commitment to excellence.

One of Samuel’s favorite projects involved the Blackbrook™ design from Cambria. This intricate project, which required the use of 10 slabs for kitchen countertops and backsplash, showcased the seamless cooperation between Blackstone and Cambria. The companies worked together to match the veins in the quartz, with Cambria providing invaluable assistance in selecting the right slabs based on the kitchen layout. This level of collaboration underscored the strong partnership and the high standards both companies upheld.

Blackstone Granite & Marble
sam goncalves blackstone granite & marble
The high quartz content in Cambria’s products makes them easier to work with, and the support provided through the Cambria University™ has been instrumental in improving fabrication techniques. Cambria’s guidance on using the right tools and blades has helped us avoid common fabrication issues, ensuring superior results for our customers.
Samuel Goncalves,
Blackstone Granite & Marble
Blackstone Granite & Marble

The benefits of working with Cambria extend beyond product quality. The company’s proactive approach to customer support and education has made a significant impact on Blackstone’s operations. The willingness of the team at Cambria to spend time understanding Blackstone’s business needs, even down to advising on the optimal placement of new machinery, highlights their dedication to their partners’ success.

Cambria’s American-made products have been particularly advantageous for Blackstone, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. While importing natural stone from Brazil often faced delays of two to three months, Cambria’s proximity and efficient distribution meant that products could be delivered in a timely manner. This reliability has been a crucial factor in maintaining project timelines and client satisfaction.

One of the standout features of Cambria’s offerings is its innovative designs and technological advancements. “The double-sided polish technique has been a game changer for the large kitchen islands we do, allowing us to better match waterfall edges with countertops,” says Samuel. “We feel that the attention to detail and commitment to pushing the boundaries of design has set Cambria apart from other quartz manufacturers.”

Cambria’s comprehensive resources, such as the Cambria University and online tools, have further empowered Blackstone. The ability to preview slab veining patterns before they arrive has streamlined the fabrication process, enabling more precise and efficient work according to Goncalves. This level of support has been a critical component of Blackstone’s ability to deliver exceptional results consistently.

Being family-owned resonates deeply with Blackstone clients, they appreciate the personalized service and commitment to excellence that comes with that. This ethos is mirrored in their partnership with Cambria, whose marketing, education, and support efforts make them more than just a quartz company. “Cambria’s dedication to innovation and quality is evident in every aspect of their work, from the beautiful designs like Inverness Frost™ and Portrush™ to their robust customer service,” says Samuel.

As Blackstone Granite & Marble continues to grow, the Goncalves family remains dedicated to their vision of providing a seamless, high-quality experience for their clients. Their partnership with Cambria, built on mutual respect and shared values, continues to be a cornerstone of their success, enabling them to create beautiful, lasting spaces for their customers.

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