Partner Spotlights

We’re proud of our partners and professionals who bring Cambria to the world. See their stories and spaces here.

Beattie Development and Countertops

Residential Professional

In the heart of sunny Florida, where the construction industry thrives amid the palm trees and coastal breezes, Paul Beattie stands as a prominent figure in the world of home building and remodeling. With a diverse portfolio of businesses under his belt, including Beattie Development, Beattie Countertops, and Beattie Home Services, Beattie has become a key player in shaping the architectural landscape of the region.

paul beattie

Balongue Design

Commercial Professional

The 501 at Mattison Estate wanted to provide its senior residents with a comfortable, refined environment to make their stay welcoming, beautiful, and luxurious throughout. In partnership with Balongue Design, Cambria was able to turn the building’s residential living spaces, common areas, dining venues, and fitness facilities into beautiful, upscale spaces residents were proud to call their own.

Jewel Marlowe's headshot with background image of kitchen featuring Jewel's design

Blackstone Granite & Marble


Cambria’s commitment to quality and innovation has been a constant source of inspiration for Blackstone. “The high quartz content in Cambria’s products makes them easier to work with, and the support provided through the Cambria University™ has been instrumental in improving fabrication techniques,” says Samuel. “Cambria’s guidance on using the right tools and blades has helped us avoid common fabrication issues, ensuring superior results for our customers.”

blackstone granite & marble
paul beattie
The experience my team and I witnessed when we visited the plant and seeing how the product is made with all that is put into its quality and the customer service that comes throughout the process, and obviously the designs too. That is what drives us to use Cambria in all of our builds.
Paul Beattie,
Beattie Development and Countertops