Beattie Development and Beattie Countertops: Building Dreams in the Sunshine State with a Vertical Integration Model

Written by: Kathy Jalivay

An open kitchen with a counter featuring Cambria Blackbrook quartz.

Cambria Blackbrook™ and Oakleigh™ featured in Arcadian Custom Home by Beattie Development

In the heart of sunny Florida, where the construction industry thrives amid the palm trees and coastal breezes, Paul Beattie stands as a prominent figure in the world of home building and remodeling. With a diverse portfolio of businesses under his belt, including Beattie Development, Beattie Countertops, and Beattie Home Services, Beattie has become a key player in shaping the architectural landscape of the region.

Celebrating an impressive 15 years in the industry, Beattie’s journey began in upstate New York, where he, alongside his father and brother, constructed their family home. It was during this time that Beattie fell in love with the intricate process of design and construction, foreshadowing the career he would later pursue. With a determination to build houses for the rest of his life, he pursued a four-year degree in construction science and management at Clemson University, setting the foundation for his future endeavors.

In 2011, Beattie ventured into home building with a focus on remodeling, gradually expanding into new home construction. Over the years, his business has grown exponentially, with notable additions like the acquisition of a small home builder in 2020–2021. Embracing a vertically integrated approach, Beattie holds licenses for roofing, plumbing, and general contracting, allowing him to have an in-house team of skilled professionals for various aspects of construction.

One of Beattie’s unique ventures is Beattie Countertops, a business supplying high-quality Cambria quartz countertops not only for his projects but also for other local builders. Beattie and his team have reached such a high level of service, performance, and craftsmanship that he is a Cambria Premier Partner.

paul beattie
The experience my team and I witnessed when we visited the plant and seeing how the product is made with all that is put into its quality and the customer service that comes throughout the process, and obviously the designs too. That is what drives us to use Cambria in all of our builds.
Paul Beattie,
Beattie Development and Countertops

Beattie has placed an emphasis on vertical integration which also extends to Beattie Home Services, his plumbing and electrical service company that has successfully operated for four years.

Reflecting on his growth, Paul highlights the importance of functionality in custom home designs. With a six-step design-build process, he aims to ensure a tailored approach to each client, considering their unique needs, design preferences, and budget considerations. While he acknowledges that the initial plan didn’t foresee the multiple businesses, the need for vertical integration became apparent in the early stages of his career, addressing challenges in finding skilled trades for remodeling projects.

Beattie’s commitment to quality craftsmanship and control over the entire construction process is evident in the team of 170 to 180 employees he manages. Having weathered the storms of the market, including the recent shifts after the post-COVID construction boom, Paul sees stability returning to the market and remains optimistic about the future.

Oakleigh featured in Arcadian Custom Home by Beattie Development

As a stone fabricator, Beattie and his team bring a level of detail and responsiveness that puts them at the forefront of fabricators in the market. That, combined with their activity in the local community, gives their customers an extra level of peace of mind, knowing that their project is being handled by a local, trusted company.
Modesto Pares,
Cambria Market Representative

The pinnacle of Beattie’s recent projects is the Arcadian, a testament to his commitment to uniqueness in design. With three bedrooms, each featuring an en suite bathroom, and innovative features like his-and-her garages, the Arcadian exemplifies Beattie’s philosophy of standing out in a crowded market. The house’s focus on outdoor living, especially relevant post-COVID, highlights his responsiveness to changing societal needs.

“I want to be memorable, so every five years I bring a new model concept to the forefront. The most recent one, the Arcadian, was inspired in design by my wife. She says it brings a little bit of Texas into Florida,” said Beattie.

In his collaboration with Cambria, Beattie finds inspiration in Cambria’s vast design palette, allowing his team to create kitchens, fireplaces, and even conference tables that serve as artistic focal points. For Beattie, the “made in America” tag associated with Cambria resonates deeply, aligning with his personal values and business ethics. Visiting the Cambria slab manufacturing facility solidified his appreciation for the commitment to quality, customer service, and the American dream.


Inverness Gold™ in Arcadian Custom Home by Beattie Development

“Cambria embodies what America’s all about: the American dream. The origins of the business and the commitment to customer service and excellence is what resonates the most with me,” said Beattie.

As Beattie looks back on his journey, he advises young entrepreneurs to prioritize perfecting their craft before chasing growth. His success story is a testament to the importance of slowing down, focusing on excellence, and, most importantly, crafting dream homes with partners like Cambria that stand the test of time in the sunshine state.

If you are interested in Cambria’s Premier Partner program, contact: Zach Herd,

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