Sanford Heart Hospital

Sioux Falls, SD

Sanford Heart Hospital, located on the campus of Sanford USD Medical Center in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, opened in 2012 as a dedicated heart health facility. By 2020, higher-than-expected growth in demand for heart hospital services called for an expansion. With the help of partners like Cambria, Sanford capitalized on the opportunity to both modernize and enhance the interior finishes, furthering its goal of improving patient outcomes and adding longevity to the space.

Professional Team



Bridgewater™ | 2cm 
Brittanicca™ | 2cm
Cardiff Cream™ | 2cm
Cranbrook™ | 2cm
Hamilton™ | 2cm
Linwood™ | 2cm
Seagrove™ | 2cm
Torquay™ | 2cm


Patient Room Vanities, Charting Station, Nurses’ Station, Bathroom Vanities and Recessed Shelving

Sanford medical center
I cannot overstate how pleased I was by Cambria’s attention to detail. They handled templating, verification, and even re-verification, all of which made us feel comfortable that the product would fit when it was delivered and be installed properly, saving us both time and money.
Nathan Kraft,
Sanford Heart Hospital, Construction Project Manager


To create a hospital addition that meets the challenges of increased patient admissions, supports patient health and wellness, and elevates the durability and longevity of the building materials. 


Sanford Health chose materials that withstand the significant demands of a bustling hospital while elevating the look and feel of the space to create a modern, welcoming addition for patients.


The completed expansion blended the multifaceted goal of maintaining cohesiveness to the existing building while improving materials and amenities in a way that promoted patient health.

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