Halyard Health

Alpharetta, GA

For Halyard Health, being a leader in the medical manufacturing industry is all about continued innovation and a work environment that facilitates top-notch thinking. With an attractive, monolithic design, Cambria was a front-runner for looks, but its strong, easy-to-maintain surface is what truly won them over. With an assortment of designs used across the reception, restroom, and communal areas, Cambria is positioned to stand the test of time in this beautiful space.

Professional Team



Flooring, Wall Cladding, Toilet Partitions, Stair Treads, Boardroom Tables, Countertops, and Vanities

We were looking for a durable product that could perform in a variety of ways throughout a commercial setting. Cambria was the right choice and matches Halyard Health’s high-quality products.
Becky Williams,
Designer, HLGstudio
White Cliff™, Greystone™
White Cliff™, Fieldstone™
White Cliff™, Fieldstone™

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