Giving back to the community is always a joy. But it’s a special pleasure to be associated with something enduring and inspiring—something like “The Weight,” written by Robbie Robertson (and originally performed by The Band). To help mark the 50th anniversary of the song, Cambria partnered with Playing For Change to produce a video that celebrates the harmony music creates between people around the world.

“Great music unites us all with a common bond we can share around the world. Cambria is grateful and honored for the opportunity to partner with Playing For Change in celebrating the 50th anniversary of ‘The Weight’ in such an amazing way.”
—Marty Davis, CEO and president of Cambria

“Partnering with Robbie Robertson and Cambria to create ‘The Weight’ around the world was a true testament to the power of music to show us how well we all get along when the music plays. Cambria is founded on quality and teamwork and making music around the world involves those same principles to collaborate and create something bigger than yourself.” —Mark Johnson, founder of Playing For Change

Robbie Robertson interview

Robbie Robertson speaks about the dream of global collaboration and how the Playing For Change version of “The Weight” gave new soul to the song.

Behind the song

Former member of The Band and songwriter Robbie Robertson and Playing For Change producer Mark Johnson sat down to talk about “The Weight.” Get an inside look at how this collaboration came to be.

Behind the song: “The Weight” (Part 2)

Collaborating artists and producer Sebastian Robertson, the son of Robbie Robertson who wrote “The Weight,” reflect on meanings they’ve taken from the song and how such a diverse assembly of musicians can come together in perfect harmony to celebrate the 50th anniversary of this American classic.

Making a change for the better

Those who give their all to their work take pride in giving something back to their communities. Camp Cambria® is a safe, nurturing place in Minnesota and Ontario where kids with juvenile arthritis find companionship, learn independence, and make friends for life. Cambria also sponsors youth athletic teams across the United States and Canada and works with philanthropic organizations to promote the health and well-being of people in the communities where we do business.