Determined to Be Different: Gina D’Amore Bauerle

Featured Cambria Style designer, Gina D’Amore Bauerle, seeks bold and unique projects.

Written by:Diane Conrad
A warm and moody kitchen island with a modern built in stove and hood in the island, pull out drawers from the oak cabinets, side table next to the island with two white chairs, and a gorgeous view of the mountains and patio area.

Cambria designs shown: Delgatie™ and Devon™ Photography by Tim Gormley.

Gina D’Amore Bauerle

You might say that interior design is in Gina D’Amore Bauerle’s blood. She grew up in her family’s design business, learning alongside her parents from her earliest days, and had her own clients by the age of 18. “My degrees are in business and marketing, not design,” she says. “Design was just something I always knew how to do instinctively.” Today, that experience (and the business background) comes in handy in the family’s Denver, CO-based firm, D’Amore Interiors, which includes an 18,000-square-foot showroom in the heart of the city’s design district. Her husband also works in the firm. “I was so lucky to meet someone who shared my interests—and who didn’t mind working alongside his in-laws every day,” she says with a laugh.

One Big Family

Bauerle not only helps run a family business, she treats her clients like family, too—or at least like friends. “I always want to get to know them really well, so that we can shape the plan for their space to their actual needs—so it’s personal and specific and different. In the process, we often end up developing long-term friendships that move from one project to the next from year to year,” she says.

Design with Purpose

“I don’t want to do what everyone else is doing, just because it’s accepted or popular,” says Bauerle. “There are a million designers who can do a beautiful, elegant white kitchen, for example. I’m attracted to clients who really want to go for something new and unique.” That might mean that they’re excited to incorporate bold color into their space, or embrace a modern installation style. For both color and creative countertop installation, see Bauerle’s kitchen design in Cambria Style.

Bringing It All Back Home

With clients across the US and internationally, Bauerle could get caught up in the more-is-more routine. “I’ve worked on every kind of project, from super rustic to downtown modern, and with some very affluent clients. But I try not to lose track of the fact they’re just another family, with their own real needs and tastes,” she says. “If I can create a space that makes their family life more cohesive and comfortable, then I’m a success.”


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[Updated on 12/05/2023]

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