Cambria employees reading the new issue 6 of Cambria Post

New Cambria Post Issue

Issue 6 | 2024

Featured Articles

A Cambria CCC Representative

Cambria Customer Care aims for excellence in white-glove concierge service.

Cambria's Customer Care Representatives together

The power of connection is strong among the many professionals who strive daily to do their best for our customers, for each other, and for the company.

Three Cambria employees standing at table with the dragon logo

Employees refer friends and family to work for Cambria.

In an industry often thought of as “for men,” Cambria creates a female-friendly workplace.

We’re on the lookout for Cambria employees who’ve attained the remarkable rank of Eagle Scout.

A long-time vendor and friend of Cambria brings the importance of organ donation close to home.

As a company that values relationships and whose continued success relies on the hard work and dedication of its employees, Cambria has introduced the Cambria Dragon Club, a legendary new program that recognizes years of service.

Much like an extended family, Cambria’s many employees treasure the company’s annual holiday traditions.

Jeff Hovanec will tell you, his unwavering key to success at Cambria was investing in relationships.

It takes a coordinated team of professionals to service Cambria’s customers at its Sales and Distribution Centers and Showrooms.