Wischermann Partners—an innovative, results-driven hospitality company with the goal of creating memorable guest experiences by pairing exceptional product design and functionality with a culture of service excellence—partnered with American-made quartz surface producer Cambria and interiors firm ESG Architecture & Design on the design and development of the 17,000-square-foot modern wellness retreat Anda Spa.


“A combination of quality, design, and engineering expertise on top of a collaborative team spirit makes Cambria a joy to work with.”

—Paul Wischermann, President and CEO, Wischermann Partners


Anda Spa—the fourth spa concept developed by Wischermann Partners in the past five years—served as an authentic opportunity to elevate the luxurious experience of the connected Hotel Ivy. But Wischermann Partners Vice President of Sales, Marketing and Brands Jennifer Blacker knew there had to be an “ethos to bring the experience to life” or else they’d run the risk of becoming yet another commodity in a crowded wellness market. A theme quickly emerged: nourish the spirit. Anda, which translates to “spirit” in Swedish, seeks to create a calmer, more balanced, and deeper sense of well-being with both its menu of services and its interior design. The philosophy is driven by a holistic approach through mind, body, and spirit with personalized spa treatments and rituals inspired by a sense of vitality.

That approach relies on crystal-based practices which are touted as an ancient form of alternative medicine with ideologies borrowed from Hinduism and Buddhism. Crystals, in all iterations, are thought to promote the flow of good energy and to help rid the body and mind of anything negative.

“Energy healing from crystals has been around for thousands of years, but it’s more mainstream now than it used to be,” said Blacker. “I wouldn’t use the word ‘trendy’ but rather more so at the forefront of today. We used crystals as the medium for bringing Nordic culture, wellness, and healing to the spa.”

To do so, Wischermann again tapped Cambria after using its product in the adjacent Hotel Ivy. Of course, Cambria’s quartz product is a crystalline mineral and helped Wischermann in its mission to awaken the senses of visitors and to build a gathering place of energy within the space, one just as beautiful as it is functional, with the brand’s high-end quartz offerings.


Ultimately, Wischermann, their interior design partners at ESG Architecture & Design, and Cambria all worked hand-in-hand on the final schematic. “I don’t use the word 'partner' lightly,” said Wischermann president and CEO Paul Wischermann. “The vision Cambria has for its company is one of excellence, which mirrors what we do. We want to create memorable experiences, and we are market leaders wherever we go. Finding someone who shares the same kind of vision we have was wonderful.”

Tasked with translating the healing powers of crystals into interior design—through the crystalline Cambria quartz mineral—and overcoming limitations such as a second floor location without any outdoor space, ESG focused on chromas and tones, turning to rose quartz for the lobby, smoky quartz for the lounge, and a green jade for the treatment rooms.

“Rose quartz is known for love, acceptance, and confidence, which aligned with the spa’s mission statement,” said ESG Senior Interior Designer Bridget Hale. “Smoky quartz is a grounding stone, so it was really good for a lounge where you’re quieting the mind before and after a treatment. And the colors from that moss agate family provided a regional connection to Lake Superior and the North Shore of Minnesota.”

Cambria helped ESG interpret the chosen color palette through Cambria’s expansive and distinctive selection of 200+ designs, including movements, colors, and tones ranging from traditional and contemporary to bold and eclectic, all of which showcase timeless beauty and are ideal for high-performing applications.

The statement-making black and white monochromatic Rose Bay™ Cambria design welcomes guests in the lobby. The large veining of Brittanicca™ covers the locker room showers and fireplace and creates a moody effect in the wet treatment area.

As designers, the ESG team also looked for product solutions to the challenges of a spa environment: humidity, moisture, acid- and oil-based skincare treatments. And because Cambria is nonabsorbent and maintenance free, they had confidence the durable product would stand up to the demands of spa traffic. Separately, the use of seamless slabs eliminated any need for dirt-collecting grout, and Cambria’s edge profile options allowed for custom solutions. “Coming from a high-end residential market, Cambria is used to pleasing customers,” said Wischermann.

Aside from the design, Anda Spa incorporates quartz-based healing practices and holistic influences into their service offerings, like the rose quartz bath soak and the gemstone facials. Shamanic energy practitioner Colleen McCann actually recommended embedding quartz crystals in select areas of the walls and ceiling to provide greater healing effects, and she was on-site at the grand opening to perform a blessing of the spa, which may be a contributing factor to its ongoing success.