Love Your Melon

Minneapolis, MN

Zachary Quinn had an innovative idea: provide comfort to children battling cancer through cozy beanies. This idea evolved into Love Your Melon, a company that offers a range of American-made products and donates 50% of its profits to childhood cancer organizations. As his company expanded, Quinn needed a bigger flagship space that elevated the brand and served as a stylish hub for socially conscious neighbors and social media influencers. He called upon Cambria to turn his dark, rustic shop into a fresh, contemporary space that made the Love Your Melon brand even greater.

We set out to create a place where the historic building and new fixtures and finishes could interact. The line between new and old turned out beautifully. It captures your attention right when you walk in.
Zachary Quinn,
CEO, Love Your Melon
Skara Brae™
Skara Brae™
Skara Brae™
A retail bench and upstairs bar with Skara Brae quartz.
Skara Brae™

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