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At Cambria, we blur the line between ingenuity and obsession. With fearless artistic expression, quality American craftsmanship, and industry-leading innovation, we transform exceptionally pure quartz into stunning surfaces that command attention. And we stand behind them for life—guaranteed.

Cambria Continues to Develop Designs for Every Story

With unwavering determination, we unveil our latest creations, meticulously engineered to fulfill the desires of the world’s top designers and emulate the finest stone surfaces like never before. Our groundbreaking technology has revolutionized the market, introducing innovative designs that have reshaped industry norms. These new designs and finishes reaffirm our position as the foremost leader in the category.

Step Into Our Exquisite Kitchen

Introducing MonTaaj™, one of our three latest designs, distinguished by Cambria’s cutting-edge craftsmanship. Inspired by the grandeur of quartzite, this masterpiece design features antique gold accents gracefully intertwining with beige and taupe layers, infusing warmth, depth, and contemporary opulence. These surfaces radiate a captivating depth that must be experienced firsthand to fully grasp their allure.

Explore Our Opulent Bathroom Oasis

MacBeth™ has gentle honey hues that imbue a serene cool white canvas with warmth and depth, while soft taupe veins gracefully melt into this organic surface creating an organic feeling which exudes tranquility in this lavish retreat. With Cambria surfaces, every day is reminiscent of a spa day, inviting relaxation and rejuvenation.

Newly Released Designs

For more than two decades, Cambria has set the standard in crafting quartz designs and pioneering innovation. With a uniquely diverse portfolio of designs, each a testament to Cambria’s ingenuity, we stand unrivaled in the industry. Our softer hues, iconic waves, and luxurious marble-like aesthetics set us apart from any other quartz manufacturer.

Marbled and soft taupe cascades across a lustrous, alabaster-hued background featuring honey accents, cool charcoal gray veins, and delicate ebony flecks for unparalleled depth.

Subtle honey shading adds warmth and depth to a serene, cool white background while soft taupe veins gently melt into the organic surface.

Inspired by the majesty of quartzite, antique gold accents complement beige and taupe layers, adding warmth, depth, and modern luxury.

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