Wall cladding

Using special fabrication techniques, Cambria can be thin enough to reduce weight while retaining unsurpassed quartz strength to resist chips and scratches. Cambria Ella™ is featured at the Denver Nuggets and Colorado Avalanche Pepsi Center Club.


Cambria’s unmatched durability makes it ideal for hard use day in and day out, such as for flooring. Pictured is Roxwell™ flooring in the
Pittsburgh Pirates stadium.

Brittanicca_F_Room & Board_Pren_Coffee table_001_19.jpg


For spaces that see everyday use, like closets, Cambria not only delivers unmatched durability but adds sophisticated style. From vanities and display cases, to walls and floors and even shelves, Cambria unlocks unlimited options for unique applications. Shown here are matching Delgatie™ display cases.

Seamless surfaces

Achieve effortless style by laying slabs side by side, matching seams and design movement for flawless transitions. This book-matching illusion, seen here in Brittanicca Gold™, creates a dramatic application for floors, walls, tables, and much more.

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