Cambria® Gallery at IMS

Our Gallery at International Market Square (IMS) is a bright, modern showroom in downtown Minneapolis. Conveniently located in the Upper Midwest’s premier design center, it features full-size slabs, innovative vignettes, a large, spacious workstation, and our beautiful designs in 12" x 12" samples. Homeowners and professionals alike are welcome to experience the depth and movement in our design palette and brainstorm with our knowledgeable staff for fresh inspiration and project ideas. No appointment is necessary. Cambria natural stone surfaces are available through select builders, designers, architects, and kitchen and bath retailers throughout North America.


Start here. End there.

Take our 360° tour to get a glimpse of everything that awaits you at our gallery.

  • Cambria Gallery at IMS
  • 275 Market Street
  • Suite 167
  • Minneapolis, Minnesota 55405

Parking: complimentary parking.

  • Hours:
  • Mon–Fri: 9am-5pm

Designs Displayed

  • Annicca Matte™
  • Brittanicca Gold™
  • Brittanicca Matte™
  • Clareanne Matte™
  • Delgatie™
  • Ella™
  • Highgate Matte™
  • Ironsbridge™
  • Kelvingrove™
  • Minera™
  • Swanbridge™
  • Torquay™

Slab Designs

  • Beaumont™
  • Brittanicca Warm™
  • Ironsbridge Matte™
  • Mersey™
  • Queen Anne Matte™
  • Summerhill™