It’s a misconception that e-cigarettes and vaping are safe. Nothing could be further from the truth! There have been multiple deaths and many more people have become severely ill and sickened with lung issues this year. The cases are just beginning to come in, be reported, and become better understood by the medical community.


Using an e-cigarette is called “vaping” or “JUULing” after one of the most commonly sold e-cigarettes. E-cigarettes are electronic devices that heat an e-liquid (vape juice) in a cartridge (pod) to produce an aerosol that is inhaled.

The e-cig is an engineered, mechanical device which activates a chemical reaction driven by electricity (the battery). Vaping is the result of an atomizer consisting of a small heating element that vaporizes e-liquid and a wicking material that is drawn into the heating coil. When activated, the resistance wire coil heats up and vaporizes the liquid in an atomized condition.

The entire reaction begins when the user inhales air, resulting in vape that contains atomized chemicals and metals. The wetting of one’s lungs with this “chemical cocktail” is extremely dangerous and certainly damaging to the lung and respiratory system—and your overall health.

Often vape juice is flavored to taste sweet or fruity. Some e-cigarettes look like paper cigarettes or pipes. Some look like USB flash drives, pens, or other common items.


Use the slider above to see the effects of vaping on a pair of clean lungs.

Patients with vaping-associated lung injuries come to doctors complaining of dry cough, chest pain, and shortness of breath, as well as abdominal pain, nausea, and vomiting. They also often have fevers, body aches, and drenching night sweats. Patients are treated with supportive care including oxygen, and the most severe cases are admitted to the intensive care unit. Some even require life support.


    Vaping May Increase COVID-19 Risk, Even for the Young &Healthy

    The coronavirus continues to hit people in their 70s and 80s the hardest, but officials say it is a mistake for young people to think they can downplay their risk of getting COVID-19.

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New and unusual devices.
Vaping implements can be disguised as ordinary objects such as USB drives or pens so they may not be easy to spot. Look for holes on each end.

Sweet smell.
Many teens choose vaping cartridges that contain sweet or fruity flavors.

Being extra thirsty.
Vaping causes dry mouth. If someone is often guzzling liquids, they could be vaping.

Vaping also dries out the inside of the nose which can cause sensitive nasal tissue to bleed.

Coughing, throat-clearing, or mouth sores.
Vaping has been associated with mouth sores that won’t heal and a dry, hacking cough.


Trouble keeping up in sports?
Even short-term vaping can harm your respiratory system making it harder to breathe. Losing your lung capacity means you can say goodbye to that state championship.

Feel your pulse racing?
Check your heart rate monitors. The US National Institute of Health and the American Heart Association report that approximately 60 to 70 beats/minute is normal for teens. The more you vape, the harder your heart has to work. Think you’re too young for a heart attack? You could be dead wrong.

If it hurts, get help.
Lack of appetite? Abdominal pain? Vomiting, fever, and fatigue? Seek medical help immediately.

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Vaping is more than just water vapor and flavor. A lot more. And none of it’s good. Here are a few of the nasty things you inhale while vaping.

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5 Mil

5 million teens are vaping today, up from 3.6 million teens in 2018


As of January 14, 2020, more than 2,688 lung injury related hospitalizations associated with using vaping products have been reported to the CDC


According to the FDA, nearly 28% of high school students are currently using e-cigarettes




Cloud Chasing, Ride the Mist, Vooping, Skitzin: vaping
Burner: traditional cigarette
Cart: cartridge containing vaping liquid
Ghosting: holding in a hit until exhale is nearly invisible
Hit: inhalation of vapor
Juice: vaping liquid
Nic juice: e-juice that has nicotine
Noob: a beginner/newbie to vaping
PV: short for a personal vaporizer
Custom mod: a handmade vape device made from assembled household items
Blanks: empty atomizers designed to be refilled with user's e-juice
Sweet spot: a perfect combination of e-juice, voltage, nicotine level, and vape device
Throat hit: the feeling you get when e-cigarette vapor hits your throat
Topping off: adding a few drops of e-juice to your cartridge or tank to fill it
Vaper's tongue: desensitization of the tongue from using too much of one flavor
Wick: material that is wrapped around the coil—it soaks up e-liquid for vaporization
VG: short for vegetable glycerin

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Even if you aren’t experiencing symptoms of vaping-related respiratory illness, vaping can still make you miserable with nicotine cravings, dry mouth, nosebleeds, and coughing. Take control before it’s out of your control.

Check out This is Quitting, a free text message quitting program from Truth Initiative: Visit This is Quitting or text DITCHJUUL to 88709 to get started with free, anonymous text messages proven to help you quit.

For more information about vaping go to: e-cigarettes.surgeongeneral.gov .

proud to kick off this campaign at minnetonka high school

proud to kick this campaign off at minnetonka high school



The new CEO of JUUL Labs is from ALTRIA, parent company of Philip Morris Tobacco Company and multiple other tobacco companies. ALTRIA (invested $13 billion/35% ownership in JUUL and 45% ownership of Canadian cannabis company Cronos) is one of the world’s largest producers and marketers of tobacco products. PER THEIR OWN WEBSITE, THEY HAVE BEEN THE UNDISPUTED MARKET LEADERS IN THE US TOBACCO INDUSTRY FOR DECADES. 

MESSAGE TO ALL: ALTRIA doesn’t want you to quit using tobacco products. They want to hook you, in spite of them knowing that tobacco and nicotine are extremely addictive and harmful to you! In other words, a massive tobacco company is now investing in a product that is being offered to people who want to stop smoking. 

Sound a bit funny? It’s not. 

They simply have repackaged their product into something that they promote as safer ... now we’re finding out, in many cases, it is more dangerous. Think about it. Why would a giant tobacco company want people to stop smoking? They don’t. So beware, because THEY LIED. WE KNOW!

When speaking to someone about vaping—be direct, but be patient and ready to listen, as well as talk. The last thing anyone wants to hear is a lecture. Make sure you get educated, after all, THEY LIED, WE KNOW. Voice your concern and avoid criticism. Discuss stories about vaping in the news. EDUCATE, EDUCATE, EDUCATE, and then EDUCATE SOME MORE!

Don’t be manipulated. Don’t swallow the lies.



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