Cambria Gallery Toronto

Complimentary Consultation

Experience a one-of-a-kind consultation, in person or virtually. No matter how we get in touch, you can be excited knowing you'll receive the best professional advice and design inspiration from a Cambria design expert. Your next project has never been easier.

What to Expect


Bring along cabinetry, swatches, and any other materials so we can help you find your perfect Cambria match. From the moment you set foot into our gallery, you can expect our undivided attention and support.

  • One-on-one consultation with a Cambria design expert
  • Comprehensive project guidance with material recommendations
  • Instructions on visualization tools and design software
  • Cambria designs in applications and full-slab views

Your Next Step


You’ll leave our gallery with custom samples and resource kits based on your design selections. Our experts also offer referrals to trusted design professionals.

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Begin your Cambria experience. Schedule your in-person or virtual consultation using the form below. The showroom manager will be in touch shortly to set up your appointment.

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Take our 360° tour to get a glimpse of everything that awaits you at our gallery.

  • Cambria Gallery – Toronto
  • 91 Parliament Street
  • King & Parliament
  • Toronto, Ontario M5A 3Y7

Parking: limited complimentary parking and metered parking in the Canada Wide Parking lot behind Roche Bobois, as well as metered parking on Parliament St and King St, and free parking on Power St.

  • Hours:
  • Mon–Fri: 9am–5pm

Designs Displayed

*Inquire about any design in sample form

  • Aberdeen™
  • Annicca Matte™
  • Bellingham™
  • Berwyn™
  • Berwyn Matte™
  • Blackpool Matte™
  • Blackwood™
  • Braemar™
  • Brentwood™
  • Brittanicca™
  • Brittanicca Matte™
  • Brittanicca Gold™
  • Brittanicca Warm™
  • Burnbury™
  • Cambria Black™
  • Cambria Black Matte™
  • Carrick Matte™
  • Charston™
  • Delgatie™
  • Devon™
  • Dunmore Matte™
  • Durham™
  • Edinburough™
  • Ella™
  • Ella Matte™
  • Ellesmere™
  • Ellesmere Matte™
  • Galloway™
  • Greystone Matte™
  • Hadley™
  • Ironsbridge™
  • Laneshaw™
  • Levven™
  • Mersey™
  • Minera™
  • New Brighton™
  • New Quay™
  • Newport™
  • Newport Matte™
  • Oakmoor™
  • Parys™
  • Praa Sands™
  • Princetown™
  • Roxwell™
  • Sharpham™
  • Skara Brae™
  • Skye™
  • Summerhill™
  • St. Giles™
  • Swanbridge™
  • Swanbridge Matte™
  • Templeton™
  • Torquay™
  • Waverton™
  • Wellington™
  • White Cliff™
  • Whitney™
  • Armitage™
  • Beaumont™
  • Bentley™
  • Berkeley™
  • Berwyn™
  • Brittanicca Warm Matte™
  • Buxton Matte™
  • Carrick™
  • Clovelly™
  • Darlington™
  • Delgatie Matte™
  • Fairbourne™
  • Gladstone™
  • Golden Dragon™
  • Harlech™
  • Highgate Matte™
  • Ironsbridge™
  • Kelvingrove™
  • Lincolnshire™
  • Malvern™
  • Mersey™
  • Montgomery™
  • Nevern™
  • Newport™
  • Queen Anne Matte™
  • Rose Bay Matte™
  • Skara Brae™
  • Smithfield™
  • Sutherland™
  • Swanbridge™
  • Weybourne™
  • Waverton™
  • Windermere™