The Lost Art of the Letter

It’s a pleasure often overlooked in our digital world, but the ritual of writing by hand is one worth reviving


Antique Ink Blotter

19th Century Wooden Ink Blotter

Recall for a moment the last letter you received. No, not an email, not a text, not a piece of junk mail, but an actual, handwriten note from someone you care about. Recall how it felt to weigh the envelope in your hand, to pull the stationary out of the envelope and see the familiar handwriting slanting across the paper? It was just a note, but it felt like a gift. And it's a gift you'll enjoy returning, especially if you indulge yourself in beautiful writing tools and vintage desk accessories that are as beautiful to display as they are touse, such as this antique wooden ink blotter we found on eBay, which was handmade in Bulgaria in the 1800s. Pair it with the Classic Mont Blanc Fountain pen, $105. EBAY.COM.