Shelf Style

Love the look of open shelving in a kitchen but not sure you can pull it off? Have no fear. These helpful hints will have you hanging brackets and removing cabinet doors in no time.

DON’T worry if your dishes don’t match. There’s no better opportunity to throw out the rules. Dishes do not need to be the same style or color—it’s the grouping that matters. The key is to display like items—plates, glassware, platters, etc.—together so they visually make sense.

DO fill your shelves with dishes you use every day. It's nice to have them handy and consistent washing keeps dust and grime at bay.

DON’T force the miscellaneous extras. It's ok to keep those oddball bowls or plates behind closed doors. Same goes for kids' dishes or any plastic cups that have followed you from your college days.

DON’T be afraid to display food too. Up the style factor and keep things tidy by containing food in decorative baskets or canisters.

DO bring some fun to your shelves. Channel your inner stylist by displaying things like cookbooks, kids’ artwork, or a favorite collection.

DO keep large items down low. An easy-to-reach low shelf is a better home for the blender, mixer, big bowls, or heavier items.