Our Five Favorites

Planning a Spring escape? Here are our five favorite travel must-haves to ensure a smooth trip and maybe even a little extra fun.

  1. Bringing fresh air to flights everywhere; Travelsmith's ultra mini personal air purifier; $129; TRAVELSMITH.COM
  2. Instant virtual tours with a simple tap of the screen; FREE for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad; ITUNES.COM
  3. Convenient heel storage for credit cards, keys and other treasures; Reef "Stash" Sandals; $30-45; REEF.COM
  4. Mixing business and pleasure? A special roller case ensures you'll show up wrinkle-free for that next presentation; $9.99;
  5. Head into the cave on the long flight home with the sleep mask that blocks both light and sound; $49.95; HIBERMATE.COM