A Closer Look At Our Featured Design: Ella Quartz Countertops

Think all white countertops are the same? Think again. With subtle yet captivating glamour, Cambria ELLA™ countertops add dimension and beauty to any kitchen style. This luxe-white quartz countertop design features a lattice of delicate dark gray veins across a marble-white background that borders on pale gray.

Fortunately, the only thing delicate about Ella is her intricate veining and marble movement. As a countertop surface, she’s as tough as they come—scratch resistant, stain resistant, and endlessly durable. Learn more about why Ella is one of the BEST MARBLE ALTERNATIVES for your kitchen countertops.

Ella’s versatile yet distinctive beauty lends itself to a variety of spaces and styles. Here are three of our favorite kitchens with Ella countertops showcasing a range of design pairings and kitchen styles.

Ella Matte™ is a luxe-white quartz countertop with all the elegance of marble and the maintenance-free convenience of Cambria.

Organic simplicity

ANNE SAGE’S kitchen designed by STUDIO MCGEE features Ella Matte countertops, which offer a low-sheen look that’s perfect for an earthen luxe space like this one. This small kitchen exudes character with an array of inviting neutrals and organic textures. MATTE BLACK appliances, brass accents, and the Ella Matte design lend refined glamour amid the glazed brick-tile backsplash, bleached wood cabinets, and FARMHOUSE SINK. Anne and her design team loved how the cool tones and gray veining of Cambria Ella complemented the FIRECLAY TILE backsplash, and CHOSE THE CAMBRIA MATTE FINISH to replicate the look of honed marble. See the BEFORE-AND-AFTER of this small kitchen renovation and learn more about the décor and design selections from STUDIO MCGEE.

Ella Matte™ countertops pair with light wood cabinets, matte black appliances, open shelving, brass accents, and glazed tile backsplash.

French-inspired farmhouse

Fresh greenery, a restaurant-grade range, and playful artisan floor tiles make for a fresh take on French Provençal style in this charming farmhouse kitchen. Ella countertops elevate the look of this white kitchen with beautiful marble movement and NONE OF THE MAINTENANCE.

Designed by Lori Gilder and Rebecca Reynolds of KITCHEN DESIGN NETWORK, this white kitchen evokes French countryside charm with Ella countertops and farmhouse details.

Love this look? You’ll probably also swoon over THIS KITCHEN from Wit & Delight, featuring Ella countertops and a similar design palette.

Striped sophistication

High-contrast design always looks chic and a black-and-white palette is as classic as they come. We love how interior designer VERN YIP embraces this timeless trend in a bold way for his home kitchen. Deep black cabinets pair with high gloss Ella countertops and a full-height white subway tile backsplash for a sharp tuxedo kitchen look. A mix of patterns from florals to stripes and a curated collection of décor from his travels reflect Vern’s personality and make this standard palette stand out.

See more of this space and get Vern Yip’s expert advice on designing your kitchen in the WASHINGTON POST and check out another space from Vern in our DESIGN SPOTLIGHT ON CAMBRIA COLLYBROOKE™.

Designer Vern Yip pairs Ella countertops with black cabinetry for high-contrast sophistication in his home kitchen.

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