Who To Follow On Instagram For Fascinating Wall Coverings

Strike the right balance by pairing with these bold brands

Are any of your wall coverings a curious color? A blah beige? A less-than-pleasing pattern? Even when you know you are ready for a change, it can be hard to commit to something new. Fortunately, Instagram serves up a daily deluge of designs that help turn walls from whatever to wow. So we've gathered a few of our favorite follows and suggested some design pairings that will really make these walls sing.

Wall coverings That Are a Blast from the Past

ADELPHI PAPER HANGINGS painstakingly brings faded and forgotten wall coverings back to life. They research patterns until they can re-create them using methods authentic to the time of their creation. Their social media showcases every step of the process: from papers being pressed to finished product in place. For example, THIS POWDER ROOM by Elizabeth Hay Design features Adelphi’s Pineapples pattern. Each element of the design is pressed onto the paper by woodblock. This particular colorway would pair beautifully with Cambria KENDAL, amplifying the surface’s subtle accents of soft teal.


Tile That Looks (and Does) Good

FIRECLAY prides itself on doing good for its community as its products brighten individual homes. So its posts show an appreciation for both good deeds and good design. The latter is evident in THIS KITCHEN, where Paseo tiles in Aegean Sea help designer Kaity Farrell bring ocean energy inside a Nantucket home. Another way to add a pop of ocean blue to a room would be with Cambria’s Skye. Its white veins mimic whitecaps atop a hypnotic sea of blues and greens.


An Unconventional Materials Challenge

MAYA ROMANOFF made a name for itself by incorporating extraordinary materials into wall coverings. Today, that tradition continues; so its Instagram is alive with unexpected texture and sparkle. The results can often lend some sophisticated shimmer to a space, such as in THIS DINING AREA. We might pair such a paper with Cambria’s BERWYN. Its hints of gold and silver amplify the spirit of the wall.


Peter Fasano

When PETER FASANO presents patterns, the results are anything but dull. That’s evident on its social media, and THIS DOG LOVERS’ BATHROOM is case in point. The bold red canines of the Calvin & Lewis pattern in Poppy salute the homeowners’ best friend. Bold, colorful prints like this really pop when paired with bright linens and pure surfaces such as Cambria’s WHITE CLIFF.


Wall coverings with a Hand-Painted Touch

The talented artists at SHE SHE established their reputation with beautiful, hand-painted wallpapers such as the one they created for THIS BATHROOM. Titled “Herons of Harriet,” the artwork is alive with flora and fauna—from floating lily pads to birds in flight. Pairing it with a design such Cambria’s PIKES PEAK will bring out the soft gray of our feathered friends’ painted plumage.


When You Want a Pattern Fit for High Rollers

You can find PHILLIP JEFFRIES wall coverings in upscale shops and world class hotels. Why not bring it home, as well? Nalini Arantes Design did—serving foliate flavor with The Grove, an authentic wood wall covering in THIS LIVING ROOM. We might use a Cambria design such as FOGGY CITY on the counter pass from kitchen to living room. Its cloudy base perfectly complements the misty tropical energy of these whimsical walls.

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