Get Your Kitchen in Shape

Rethinking your center island


If you’re thinking about updating your kitchen with new countertops, take a moment to consider your center island. Chances are, it’s some form of a rectangle with straight sides and edges. Before you go ahead and replace your existing surface with the exact same shape, why not think beyond the box and throw your kitchen a curveball? With Cambria, it’s easy to create countertops with gentle curves and smooth, sinuous rolled edges that bring elegance and drama to your kitchen. To get inspired, browse where you’ll find an array of curvaceous countertops including ovals, half circles, and other ideas. To find the perfect Cambria design for your kitchen, visit where you’ll find Cambria Brittannica™, Rockwell™, Oakmoor™, and other stunning designs with linear waves, serpentine swaths, and other dynamic effects. You’ll also find a list of Cambria showrooms in your area where you can view Cambria slabs and discuss your project with an expert. Using state-of-the-art laser technology, our Cambria-certified partners will measure your spaces and design the perfect countertops for your kitchen. On the day of installation, you’ll be amazed at the ease and precision with which your new countertops slide into place and create a bold, modern look for your kitchen. Ready to get your kitchen in shape? Learn more at CAMBRIAUSA.COM.