Cambria Style

Fun And Festive Tablescapes

A mix of bold colors, hand-painted patterns, and plenty of sparkle and shine: that’s the perfect-for-any-occasion recipe for a fun and festive table. A few well placed accents will show off your own unique personality and sense of style.

Here are six tips for creating fun & festive tablescapes this summer:

  1. Patterned pieces

    As pretty on the inside as they are on the outside. Patterned pieces make emptying a cup or bowl twice as nice.
  1. Patterns & white

    Show off brightly colored or richly patterned accents against simple white stoneware.

  1. Glassware makeover

    Not ready to update your dishes? Splurge on new glassware for a quick style infusion.

  1. Accent dishes

    Spice up your existing settings with special accent dishes, such as an exotic olive plate.

  1. Dress it up with a tablerunner

    No need for a new tablecloth - a runner is an easy way to dress your table up or down.

  1. Gold flatware

    Gold flatware makes every meal special, from casual lunch to an evening occasion.